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Camille Grammer

Desecrates BF's Baby Mama

In Illegal Recording Lawsuit

9/25/2013 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Camille Grammer promises to desecrate you, she will desecrate you ... at least that's the lesson her boyfriend's bitter ex just learned in court.

You'll recall, Camille filed a lawsuit against Lisa Chynoweth last year, claiming her boyfriend's ex and baby mama illegally recorded a phone call in which Camille threatened to "desecrate" the woman and her family.

Camille claimed Lisa baited her into making the angry threats, and illegally recorded the conversation without her consent. Lisa then used the recording as ammo in her custody battle with Camille's BF Dimitri Charalambopoulos, making Camille look like a crazy, vindictive person.

Among the threats, Camille said, "I will desecrate you ... I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done."

The phone call was played during a deposition for Dimitri and Lisa's custody war, and a recording surfaced on YouTube soon after. Camille blamed Lisa for recording and then leaking it.

Camille just won the lawsuit, and she won without a fight, because Lisa never filed an answer to the complaint ... so the judge just issued a default judgment.

Lisa has been ordered never to release the recording in question ever again, as well as NEVER to record Camille without her permission. Period.


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I don't know who is worse, Lisa or these people who think she is a good, misunderstood and tortured woman. I pity you all.

390 days ago


Bruce...or whomever the hell you are, sounds like a cowardly, lonely, liar.....your post is laughable..
I grew up with Lisa and it certainly wasn't in a cult ! lol, must thank you for the laughs. you clearly do not know Lisa at all, not a single soul would concure with your ignorant string of lies. The first thing that screams liar about you is that you call her your ex friend...Lisa doesn't have ex friends, however she does have a clear discernment so maybe she chose not to let herself be abused by you any longer. Any decent human being with half a heart would never support someone who wants to desecrate a single mother and her child. A friend loves at all times....shame on you and I would suggest some serious soul searching on your part because God moves mountains for her. Not a threat ....a fact.
Another Lie......You are clearly not from Austin and you sound like a deranged stalker. I will totally recommend that Lisa immediately take out a temporary restraining order before you skin her and wear her like last year's versace. you need to do some serious fact checking ... as well Bruce. You are clearly lonely and a proven liar, which is crystal clear by your delusional accusations ..
Lisa would give you the shirt off her back or the earings off her ears(which i have seen)
You are right about only one thing she did love Dimitri......which has been her only downfall in life....that she loves even those undeserving to a fault.
I'll end on this .....Shame on you, shame on Camille and more importantly Shame on Dimitri...... for all of your lies and obvious ugliness...move on, she has!!!!!

390 days ago


Laughable, You clearly do not know about Lisa's life and her family history. Her family grew up in a cult. Mr. Lebaron was the cult leader. Lisa has lived a hard life and has a dubious past. This is the truth. You can research this online. She is a very angry person and is talking her anger out on her ex and his family buy punishing them. This is a person with little to no integrity. She is obsessed with Camille's money and talks about it excessively. She has not moved on in her life. She is stuck in her anger. Sad for her.
As her ex friend, so whom are these friends commenting on Lisa behalf? Are you the man who cheated on his wife and cause her to kill herself or are you the abortionist? I know you both.
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

389 days ago


Dimitri's family made their money from strip clubs, drugs, and money laundering and has a history of violence a mile long. His brother Tommy Charalambopoulos has been accused of RAPE AND ATTEMPTED MURDER: -Whoever you are, and why you're claiming to be an ex-friend of Lisa's is a LIAR. Why you're choosing this forum to lie about Lisa or take out whatever vendetta you have is cowardly and pathetic. You sound like an insane psycho stalker who hates Lisa and has nothing better to do than stare at TMZ 24/7.

389 days ago


"Bruce" , Camille, you must feel really powerful cowering behind anonymity, defaming your "ex friend", which is an obvious lie. You are see-through to anyone with a shred of discernment. No one goes to a public internet site to air their real or fictitious grievances about an "ex friend". That doesn't make sense, and when things don't make sense, they are generally NOT TRUE. All you have done, Camille, is expose YOURSELF as a manipulative liar, vengeful, jealous as HELL of Lisa, fraudulent, hurt that you couldn't hold down your husband OR your boy toy. YOU are hurt. YOU are angry. YOU ARE DANGEROUS. The evidence is ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

If you actually knew Lisa at all, you would know you would know she was orphaned at 11 A child-victim, and only a sick individual, not an "ex friend", would exploit that like a damn terrorist, just like you did to Kelsey. B) Lisa has never given/sold a story to the press. If she had, where are these stories? No one has heard a peep from her. Why? Because she has infinitely more dignity and class than you will ever will. While you were spread-eagle, exposing your tainted goodies in Playboy, Lisa was starting an adoption agency. She loves her child and would never sell her soul for money and fame. And she hasn't. She is the antithesis of your vile, undignified self. C) Lisa has moved on and you should, too. GET OVER HER. You're creeping everyone out.

Oh, and by the way, it has been widely reported that the video was posted to YouTube and was not traced to her in any way, NOT sold to a media outlet. You are a liar. And a bad one at that.

I understand why you would be angry and hurt, "Bruce", but you should really consider consulting your therapist before you get yourself put on a 51/50 hold.

389 days ago


Get a life...all of you.

388 days ago
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