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Kate Gosselin

Worried About Her Kids' Safety

9/25/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The gunshot Jon Gosselin fired was more than a warning to a pesky paparazzo -- it was a wake-up call for Jon's ex-wife, Kate Gosselin ... who admits to TMZ she's worried about her children's safety.

Kate dropped a strong hint about taking legal action against Jon when we asked her about the gun incident outside Jon's cabin in the Pennsylvania woods.

Kate's 8 kids spend most of their time with her, but also visit with Jon.

But based on Kate's reply to our camera guy in NYC today -- "I'm doing what it takes to keep them safe" -- she's got something cooking ... perhaps with an attorney.

Consider yourself warned, Jon.


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This drid up old **** is once again worried/concerned about her children YET again from afar....Please, if you are so concerned, jump in the car and race home to your eight kids and protect them. Until then, can't you just shut the F up???? What a lousy loser mother you are. Shut up. And by the way, you are ageing and your Jon is HOT.

392 days ago


Watched the Katie Couric today & yep Kate Gooselin was on - what a mistajke Katie - have her on.
Get a freaking job Kate and stay away.....

392 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

What an unpleasant, phony, unhappy ******* she is. What the hell is she stuffing her bra with?

392 days ago


Sorry Kate, you are not above the constitution. I highly doubt Jon is waving his firearm around his kids. He's carrying the firearm to protect his kids. There's no way police could make it there by the time an intruder makes it into the house. I carry my firearm (usually in the open) around my kids everyday. My kids are not threatened by the sight of my firearm.

391 days ago


Doncha just love it? TMZ sends one its sleazebag "photojournalists" to invade the privacy of this poor loser schmuck Jon Gosselin so they can make fun of how far he's fallen in the world since he's now waiting tables, Gosselin shows some backbone and opens of can of LEGAL whoopass on the sleazebag when she trespasses on his property. And now TMZ enlists the help of Gosselin's much more odious and creepy ex-wife to further ruin Gosselin's life by using his constitutionally protected defense of his property against him.

I need a waterproof laptop, cause I should only read the s*** on TMZ when I'm in the shower.

391 days ago


I am on Kates side in this situation. I heard Jon said he was going to snap" that is never a good thing to hear from someone who has hit rock bottom, owns a gun and has eight kids. I also read it isn't the first time Jon has fired his gun. The last time was in front of the kids. Kate has every right to be fearful for her kids.

391 days ago


I am no fan of Kste or Jon, but when did Kate mentioned she was worried for her kids safety because of Jon?

391 days ago


Looks like someone is broke again eh Kate? My kids used to say "why is she so mean to Jon" when we watched their show.Grow up Kate,you are a mean spirited famewhore whose 10 minutes are up.Leave Jon to protect the children in the manner he seems fit while they are with him.Seems like he is trying to make an honest living while you expect a handout for a new bash & trash story.

391 days ago


Kate Gosselin is beyond ridiculous. I'd be more concerned about their safety when they are with her. Anything to get attention. Well not she's got it and needs to go away. Why are we even hearing about these two anymore anyway

391 days ago

JoAnn Hathaway    

Pro Jon.Don't believe anything that comes out of khates mouth.And whats up with a health cook book with all canned foods in rec iepes?America is sick of her lying,ex husband bashing,her botox face(horrible.I feel sorry for the kids and jon.And harvey,why don't you let the people know that the pap that was trespassing on jons property lawyer is 1 of your best friends.HMM-something doesn't smell right.

391 days ago


Who would blame any of the kids if they found the gun and took it home to blow their mother's brains out? They have suffered enough. No judge or jury would ever convict them for putting up with the insufferable WITCH.

385 days ago
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