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Dita Von Teese

Sues Over Hurricane Sandy

Blow Me

9/26/2013 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hurricane Sandy cost Dita Von Teese nearly $100,000 ... this according to a new lawsuit ... and now the burlesque queen is suing for what she's out.

Dita just filed the suit against Momentous Insurance Brokerage, claiming one of her strip shows in New York was canceled last October due to the superstorm ... and Momentous failed to get her the appropriate insurance to cover her expenses.

Dita claims she spent $96,920 in prep costs for the show (props, costumes, hotel accommodations, etc.) and it all went down the drain when the show was 86d.

According to the lawsuit, filed by her attorney Keith Fink, Dita says she should have had something called non-appearance insurance, which covers natural disasters like storms, but Momentous didn't get it for her.  And even more infuriating... Dita says the coverage is standard in the entertainment business.

So Dita wants her jack back.



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why is this prostitute trying to get storm money

390 days ago


So now we whores suing because of mother nature........low life two bit whore!

390 days ago


I understand she may be upset about the loss of her show,however IMO she should be thankful, that's all that she lost! Seems a little selfish to bitch about this, when other's lost everything they own, and are still homeless to this day! I feel sorry for the victim's of Sandy, not this lady!

390 days ago


OMG, so lame, TMZ, you should leave the reporting to the professionals???LMAO!!!!

Who the phuck cares about lame stories like this?
With headline and breaking news of no name losers like this, TMZ deserves to be hijacked by spammers.
Who the phuck is this woman?


OMG. my eyes, my eyes!!!

Why do I feel so violated with the picture of this woman. Every time now, when I visit TMZ, I feel assaulted by the sights of asses and breasts. TMZ, you are becoming a cheap porn site counting on perverts for readers. Cheap trick, cheap site, cheap bottom feeder!!!

390 days ago


Learn how to read. If the insurance is not in the contract add it in to amend the contract before signing it.

390 days ago


Boohoo Dita!!!! You stupidly spend money on a burlesque show and I am sure 5 star accommodations for yourself. ASK the PEOPLE who lost everything how they feel??? You are a selfish prick!!!

390 days ago


did she really lose that money? or did she not earn it because "an act of God"?

390 days ago


Never heard of her.

390 days ago


People lost their lives and homes and you're suing cuz you couldn't take your clothes off? F off pig.

390 days ago


That was HER decision not to include insurance for "acts of God". I am sure she saved money on her insurance premium by leaving out You can't complain you didn't have insurance after an accident.

390 days ago


She will not win

390 days ago


she's a talent-free freak who has a great con going....

390 days ago


Like she isn't going to re-use the oversized champagne glass and pasties for he next sleep inducing performance. Bitch pleeze.

390 days ago


She has a case and if I were her I would do the same thing. Comparing her issue to that of the citizens of the affected coast is just stupid.

She is a professional entertainer who is trying to recoup her expenses from an agency that SHOULD HAVE HAD insurance in place to cover such an event. What she is doing really has nothing to do with the plight of the homeowners on the coast.

BTW, her act employes a LOT of people who also need to be paid and expect their employer to take care of them.
Bigger picture, people. She is being a responsible business owner/employer.

390 days ago

There's a problem here    

Is she the most boring person on earth? She reminds me of a meme.

390 days ago
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