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Joey Fatone

Chick Fans Show

Topless Love

9/26/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood got all 1998 on Joey Fatone last night, and it was spectacular -- as a simple photo with 2 female fans turned into an exhibition of nipple piercings.

Joey was walking out of Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood when a convo with him about Britney Spears was thankfully interrupted by a couple of adoring fans ... who asked our camera guy to snap a pic.

One girl immediately says, "I was going to show you my nipple piercing" -- and even though Joey says that's not necessary ... sometimes s**t happens.

Three awesome reasons to watch this clip: 1) The girl who flashes her boob ... 2) Joey squirming while it happens .... and 3)see reason#1.

It's like N Sync's heyday all over again. Enjoy!


No Avatar


How many more years until we don't have to put red stars over nipples?

392 days ago


Damn she is fine

392 days ago


typical TRASH!!! Whatever happened to girl acting like ladies????

392 days ago


Hay Harv all you gotta do now is make ( TMZ gone wild ) hint hint! and you'll be souper set in the entertainment business. All control or no control lol.

392 days ago


You could see the nipple thru the phone lol

392 days ago


when exactly did woman stop behaving like women? what's to blame for their behaving without either a sense of class, refinement or dignity? seriously! i'd like to know people's opinion! are reality shows to blame? pop music? film? I LOVE feminine women who behave like feminine, demure women! now there's a massive tendency though to behave without a sense of shame. is it only like this in Hollywood? I personally LOVE Korean women in korea - when I lived there, they all dressed very feminine, were petite, beautiful, had no tattoos and weren't vulgar. essentially, they were the exact opposite of American hos who seem to legitimately view porn stars and prostitutes as role models to emulate! what the hell is wrong with people (read: AMERICAN PARENTS) today?! this culture of crass, vulgar women is repugnant to me! where can I find a woman who looks and behaves like an actual woman? i'm not religious either - I believe in nothing so this impression I have hasn't come from some church leader. but It seems to me that women these days go out of their way to be vulgar and masculine and cheap. it's sad and it's intensely unattractive. maybe i'm alone in that belief. everyone else seems to be attracted to slutty, vulgar, cheap, tatted-up, aggressive women.

392 days ago

Rail Runner    

Skank Alert !

392 days ago


Fat One

392 days ago


Yeah, because acting like a dumb slut is always a good idea.

392 days ago


How desperate do you have to be to do that when the guy you're trying to impress says it's not necessary, and then is visibly uncomfortable when you do it anyway?

392 days ago


I love it!! He so was not into the skank, in fact it looked like he kind pushed he away without actually pushing her lol. He even said it, thats all they want. Joey kept it classy unlike the skank.

392 days ago


Are all woman from Orange county like that????? Lucky dude.

392 days ago


What a tough life!

392 days ago


Keep it classy ladies. Watch -the one who flashed her tits will be on Inside Edition or some show crying her eyes out tomorrow going "I DIDNT KNOW THIS WOULD BE SPLASHED ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!! SOB !SOB! IM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL!!!!!" Yea right honey. Now go back to working that street corner.

392 days ago


I'm not sure why young trashy girls can show their boobs but when I nurse my child in my parked car I get told that it's unnatural.

392 days ago
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