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Lamar Odom

On Crack Binge ...

With 2 Women

9/26/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0830-lamar-odom-article-tmz-2Lamar Odom is holed up in a private home in a gated community 100 miles from L.A. ... and his life is now revolving around smoking crack and partying with 2 young women -- and he's intimate with one of them.

Multiple sources privy to Lamar's current state tell TMZ ... Lamar has a driver who is regularly shuttling back and forth from L.A. to his rental home with one purpose -- scoring drugs, including crack. 

We're told Lamar is so paranoid ... he insists the driver only buy small quantities of crack at a time, so as not to draw too much attention to him -- and that means frequent trips to score the drug.

Lamar almost never leaves the home.  He's smoking crack and partying with the 2 women, both in their early 20s. His life now revolves around smoking crack and listening to rap music.

Our sources say Lamar is extremely paranoid about getting caught.  He believes people -- not the 2 girls -- are watching him so he's using a phone app that allows him to text people but the texts are automatically deleted once the texts are read.  The app also notifies Lamar if they try and screenshot the message.

Lamar's best friend is also staying at the house.

We're told Lamar has been living in 3 different residences in the last 2 months -- partly because he feels if he stays on the move he won't get caught.  

As for Khloe ... we're told Lamar isn't worried that she'll leave him.  He says he knows she loves him and has stood by him throughout the entire drug saga so he's convinced she won't abandon him now.


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Hey TMZ! The reason Odom is paranoid is not because he is afraid he will be caught. Its because CRACK MAKES YOU PARANOID!

399 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Does your communication device have anything else to do but destroy the reputation of Lamar Odom? I can't take this second hand source BS and you speak as though you know these folk. Stop spreading rumors that you can't confirm. Lamar Odom is not smoking Crack and I know more about him than your lying sources! Odom is getting his body ready to play for a team that needs a good ballplayer that is 6'9" with a lot of talent. Odom can still help a team going for the Championship, but TMZ is destroying his chances with stories that have no validation what so ever. Get out of the yellow journalism game and stop talking about Lamar Odom. You don't know Lamar nor what he's doing right now!

399 days ago


TO ALL Kardashians........this is why you date someone for years before marrying them...not like with this couple who decided to marry after 2 weeks...what a joke.....or Kims famously long marriage of 2 months or Kim's getting pregnant while not marrying Kayne......What a great role model she is setting.,all by doing a porn tape with a black guy peeing on her and having anal sex......PRICELESS

399 days ago


couldn't happen to a nicer family.

399 days ago


If it weren't for the NBA, just think how tall your garbage men would be.

399 days ago


Is this the same guy that just did the shootings?????????

399 days ago


Lamar "Sheen" Odom

399 days ago


His life revolves around smoking crack and partying with two young women ? ? ? Who's doesn't.

Come back, Lamar....if you have any BALL left in you, come back.

399 days ago


he is a black super star so he gets a free pass

399 days ago

Stop it    

Bull**** bull**** bull****

Stop tmz. Just stop it !!!

He's hiding from the ruthless papparazzi and the kdash mania

Lamar odom is not on crack...period

399 days ago


LO is Chillin with me in south central doing dome heroin yeah!

399 days ago


lamar u been a great basketball player! 14 yr NBA CAREER! 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS 6 MAN ON THE YEAR, U R MY IDOL, U HAVE BEEN SINCE UR COLLEGE DAYS AT RHODE ISLAND! I dont know how u got hooked on drugs but be strong bro get off them it not worth it. its a waste of ur money ur time everything for a phony feeling! ur blessed with GREAT ABILITY TO PLAY BALL, GET BACK ON TRACK AND GET BACK IN NBA AND GET BACK TO THE LAMAR ODOM MILLIONS OF US LOVE AND SUPPORT! U DONT WANT TO BE REMEMBERED AS A CRACKHEAD! AND U CAN GT BACK IN NBA AND PUT THIS BEHIND U. CMON LAMAR AS NIKE SAYS....JUST DO IT

399 days ago


WHO gives tmz this info? If Lamar is so paranoid he wouldn't have people around him who would talk to tmz, anything said to tmz lamar would know who said it since he knows who he hangs with and what he does,,,,obv lamar is doing drugs or he woulda came out and LOUD AND CLEAR SAID NO IM NOT ON DRUGS AND HIS AGENT WOULD OF AND HIS FAMILY, ITS CRAZY TO THINK LAMAR ODOM IS A CRACKHEAD

399 days ago


He is right.Once you black you won't go back because the white men will not have you.

399 days ago


Soooo...his best friend ( assuming it's Jamie) is staying with him? If this is true, they have been getting high together for years because Jamie looked like **** & went to rehab on one of the episodes. He probably got him hooked on crack! No way is someone staying in a that house & not getting high also!

398 days ago
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