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Lamar Odom

Blows Out of Palm Springs

For L.A.

9/26/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
left the home he's been staying at in the Palm Springs area and is now back in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

Lamar had been staying at this house in La Quinta, near Palm Springs.  This is where he's been on an intense crack binge, staying with several other people in the house.  It's located in a gated community.

Last night at 8:45 ... Lamar left the house and went to the Tarzana home he was sharing with Khloe Kardashian.  Sources say he stayed at the house for a "short time" and had a conversation with Khloe.

Lamar left the house and then went to his loft in Downtown L.A.


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in other words Lamar decided he needed a change of scenery and avoid the heat on him at least he maybe is trying to finaly try and find out what he needs to do to keep kloe besides rehab

399 days ago


I think yall need to leave Lamar Odom the hell alone this is really getting out of hand ... Damn

399 days ago


Hate to say it but this guy is a walking ghost unless someone gets to him soon. I know one of the girls he holed up with and she said he's the deepest crack addict she has ever seen.......and this pig has timed the pipe with some heavy users......she said his eyes are soulless and his heart rate is close to 100/minute.
She could be BS ing me but his life can be measured in weeks if he keeps it up she said

399 days ago


TMZ has Kris Jenner & Khloe Kardashian on speed dial or vice-versa~ I can't believe how they tell every single thing they know on Lamar to TMZ!! What loser's. I have zero respect for you Harvey!! ZERO!

399 days ago


How celebrities with real talent ust hate the fact the Daily Mail, TMZ, RO and others give all the coverage to a bunch of tramps that everyone hates.

399 days ago


TMZ + Pimp Momma POS = STALKERS! Face it. No REAL man will ever want to associate with Kong, let alone marry her, unless they are well paid. PMK, you ruined Kong's chances at happiness with all this Lamar BS. Enjoy he!!.

399 days ago


so he still could not spend a night with his wife..?? she did throw him out.. im sure he just went to his house he owns with khloe to drop off the divorce agreement and went to his downtown bachelor pad to be farther away from khloe.

399 days ago


If I was involved with a Kardashian it would probably drive me to smoke crack too!

399 days ago



399 days ago


The K show & brand is tanking.ALL of this is a huge Jenner push, to keep their names in the public eye. They are terrified of losing their "easy money' scheme! Don't fall for it people.!
They are using LAMAR (,unless he is in on it ,too).If he gets back with Khloe,then you will know it was all ANOTHER K. scam! Fraud,grift etc,

399 days ago


he's down the drain!!

399 days ago


I hate the Kardations...And this dude is getting hit by the K-train...On a real news worthy note...Please follow around Andressa Urach's ass like your following Kanye and Lamar would be much more appreciated. thx

399 days ago


So much for gated communities keeping out the riff raff.

399 days ago


Someone who is close and has been with Lamar are selling stories to TMZ. They probably have a contract with TMZ. I think its Jamie. Jamie is a douchbag who rides Lamar's coattales. Its either him or one of those young chicks. How else would TMZ get a photo of the house he's been staying at? Lamar you need to be careful who you hang with and tell your business to. You cant trust anyone.

399 days ago


Wow, Harvey is a "supposed" lawyer, yet he forgot to add the word "alleged". I can't wait until Lamar goes on the offense and sues TMZ, as well as Harvey's master, Pimp Mama Kris for slander and libel. Take them to the cleaners, Lamar! Along with that Chewbacca you married!

399 days ago
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