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Lindsay Lohan

Oprah Scared the Crap Out of Her

9/26/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will get to keep her huge paycheck from Oprah Winfrey ... but only after an intense showdown between O and LiLo ... TMZ has learned.

We've confirmed ... Lindsay was a disaster at the beginning of the project -- at times just being a no-show -- which doesn't work in Oprah's world.  We're told Oprah went to Dina's house on Long Island for a showdown with Lindsay.  She told Lindsay either clean up her act or the project is over and Lindsay would not get her $2 million paycheck.

Our sources say Lindsay had a bunch of excuses ... she was spending time trying to find an apartment in NYC, she had other projects she was trying to finish, there were "miscommunications" between her people and the folks at OWN, yada yada.

Oprah made the ultimatum clear and Lindsay got the message.

We're told Lindsay is now cooperating and things have been running okay for nearly a month, but Oprah is still watching Lindsay like a hawk.

Be careful Lindsay.  It's gonna be hard to score 2 mil with "Canyons 2."


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Simply put these two b****es deserve eachother.

393 days ago

delusional much LL?    

lowhan hasn't changed a bit just changed up her con a bit.
wants to get her filthy hands on that (not 2 mil) money.
oprah even has her taming her attention wh*ring ways.

exposing her now isn't gonna matter one bit.

if lowhan is going to be allowed to put on her 'look i've really changed' act, she'd be lucky to get 10 viewers.
without witnessing the full on trainwreck, no one will be tuning in to watch lowhan.

bottom line anyway it's disgusting that oprah has chosen to reward not only bad but criminal behavior.

393 days ago


Reg that must be one mean bird if the kitty won't get involved. I have mean squirrels. And I do not exaggerate. Everyone thinks squirrels are so cute. They eat all the seeds out of my bird feeders and tear up the feeders in the process, they throw pine cones at my boxers making them insane and run threw my rain gutters making such a racket every dang morning. I keep threatening them with deadly force.

393 days ago

Good riddance!    

How can Doprah even stand to be within smelling distance of the skank? Does she stuff gobs of mentholatum up her nose like coroners sometimes do when working on a really ripe dead body?

393 days ago


I believe Oprah is a total bitch. She's pissed because nothing she's doing goes right as easily as it used to. She got greedy, plain and simple. Lindsay made a deal with the devil. Yikes.

393 days ago


She paid her $2 million? Seems the fat lady is desperate too...

393 days ago

Shaquille O'Neal     

Oprah is a fat waste of space. A joke that she became a billionaire with NO talent.

393 days ago


So I take it that Dulna is blowing Heller for his (ahem) fee!!!??? and good morning hate checker!!

393 days ago


Even as Lowhan's life is going down in flames, the village idiots keep spewing the same ole schit.

Hey Marvin, did you read Chapter Two, "How To Keep Your Arab Coming Back for More"

#Stunt Troll



Wow Holy Cow.....or should I say cows....bunch of Heffers..Moo's a book for you to read Think and Grow Rich......don't be jealous losers.....Get A LIFE!!!

393 days ago


Where did HELLp go? Wonder how much $$$ made from her 'HIT' on the The CLAMyons. . .?

393 days ago


FFS, WTF is Blo wearing in the DM pics???

393 days ago


Attention: Stupid sheeple -

There is no 2 million. It's known as "marketing". There likely is ZERO cash being funneled to Linds. Orcah probably arranged to make a mortgage save for DUIna and ponied up for some necessary clothes shopping, but no drug money. If Linds had a new box of cash, she'd be back at the Chateau, where the drugs are on the room service menu, and the tricks are easy in the Men's room. Y'all just keep thinking that...... you'll be mocked when the truth comes out. And it always does.

393 days ago


Just caught a gander of Paris Hiltons new video !!!!! OY!!!!!

393 days ago


Whatever money Lohan get's from Winfreys docu-joke is already spent, gone or will be in a very short amount of time.

Lohan will be back to drinking, drugging and partying when this Wifrey joke is over with. But of course not until she gets paid first.

393 days ago


What is the latest on the (Merrick Mansion)? has it been auctioned off yet?

393 days ago
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