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Obama's Campaign Artist

Drones Killed All 'Hope'

9/26/2013 9:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama's use of war drones is a buzzkill for the guy who created the 'Hope' campaign.

Shepard Fairey -- the artist behind Obama's 'Hope' poster -- was clearly disappointed in the Prez while bouncing from the Chateau Marmont last night. 

Fairey was crystal clear -- Obama didn't live up to expectations ... and the word 'Hope' should be replaced on future posters.

Many people credit Fairey's handiwork with igniting the grassroots campaign that got Mr. O elected.

What should replace 'Hope'?  Check out the video.


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Obama is an idiot. Anyone who bought into that 'hope and change' rhetoric was high from smoking 'hope-ium'. There never was any 'hope' with Obama. He's worse than useless.

204 days ago


Umm. Beotches please...Hope and Change died long ago.

204 days ago


What should replace "hope"? How about "Nope!"

204 days ago


How CLUELESS some are yet STILL open their mouths.... Here's a few 'Honest' stats.....

During Obama's RULE.....

* 7 of 8 jobs created under Obama... Part Time!

* 54% of American workers make less than 30k a year.

* Unemployment: 20 wks in 2009 Now 37 weeks

* Poverty rate up to 16%

* 2009 Gas: $1.85 Gal. Now: $3.53 avg per gal

* Food Stamps under Obama: 11 'Thousand' 'NEW' people 'ADDED' to it 'EVERY DAY'

* Avg. worker health care cost 'INCREASED' by 29% BEFORE Obamacare kicks in!

* More Obamacare: UPS is dropping 'ALL' employee spouses cause of ObamaCare.

* ObamaCare will cost 1 airline $100 MILLION next year 'Alone' because of ObamaCare while 'Hundreds' of companies are knocking their emplpoyees to 'Under' 29 hours cause 'King Obama' now says, part time is NOT under 40hrs per week, it's under 30.

* Obama increased the debt of this country MORE than ALL Presidents COMBINED! It's DOUBLE what it was when he came in.

* Uses the Justice Dept. to 'tie up laws' 'HE' doesn't like.

* What about Bengazi? Fort Hood? Trafficking guns to Mexican cartels that 'Killed' our border patrol yet denies that too.

I could go on and on and on and I am NOT an Obama hater. I go by FACTS and RESULTS and 'These' are only a 'Small' example.

For those of you who Actually care about this country, our people, quality of life, financial stability.... this is NOT the person to run this country. He's proven he has NO CLUE and what he does try (Keynesian economics), (socialist economics), it doesn't work! It HURTS far more than helps!

Please... take an HONEST look at Facts and make your decisions that way.
NOT by what you 'Feel' or cause one is a Democrat or Republican.

I WANT Obama to Succeed cause then WE should. Yet he's proven time and time again, the man that has NEVER run a business LET ALONE ever have a REGULAR job, ever have to make a Payroll, pay business taxes etc.....
That's like having a PLUMBER do BRAIN SURGERY!

Enjoy your PLUMBER cause he's Strangling this country.

Educate yourselves and do your homework for the better of US ALL.

204 days ago

Mr. Pukey    

Let's all "Hope" the prez doesn't do anymore damage before his time is up and we can get a competent leader in office.

204 days ago


Obama is in his second term, America is quickly becoming a third-world country. Obama has continued and expanded every single controversial program that Bush started including spying on American citizens without cause or warrant. If you hated Bush you should hate Obama because he has continued Bush's policies. Obama even signed the Patriot Act in to permanent law after promising to repeal it.

Oh, and hey, enjoy your new "free" universal medical care come January. For the rest of your life you are going to be working for the insurance companies and the IRS has been given the task of collecting your mandatory healthcare payments.

Congratulations America, you voted in your first black president and he reintroduced slavery to the country just by telling you that you were going to get something for free and you bought in to it hook, line and sinker.

204 days ago


This is what happens when you put an enward in charge of something. The end result is always the same -- EPIC FAIL.

204 days ago


Why do we care about what this man has to say. . Let's not forget he stole that picture for his famous art piece from a photographer. So ths artist is a crook.

204 days ago

tall white guy    

0bama's first speech after his inauguration was in Cairo praising islam to the muslim world and 2 weeks later the arab spring started and 0bama came out and said "mubarak must step down", then the extremists came to power in Egypt, tried to come to power in Tunisia, Libya because a hellhole, Lebanon got worse, Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten worse, and Syria has been catastrophic. 0bama has said multiple times "I have proudly supported the arab spring" and more than 200,000 have died so far and nothing good has come of it so far.

204 days ago


Either "Hopeless" or "Dope" would be more appropriate.

204 days ago


Switch it from HOPE to D'OH! .....Lol

204 days ago


Switch it from HOPE to D'oh!

204 days ago


A president who has repealed the Defense of Marriage Act, who is initiating health care reform, who is essentially doing more than Bush could ever dream of. HOPE is absolutely the right word to describe Mr. Obama. Hope and action.

204 days ago


He is a graffiti artist not Obamas campaign artist he just does stencil work and uses spray paint and has become commercialized to make money on it doing it even though anyone can do it takes no talent he is just like banksy and Mr.Brainwash they all have other people do their work or stencil it themselves so not even really art or even really graffiti unless you think stenciling is hard to do.......but by no means is he the campaign artist of the president he made a stencil poster and it got famous and he profited off of mass producing them to make money as fast as he could. Even Banksy admits anyone that buys any of their stencil art pieces are dumb and stupid and they will keep doing it till no one wants to pay for them anymore.

204 days ago


Nobody credits the poster with getting Obama elected. You made that up because six years was a long time ago for someone your age and you're using shorthand memory.

204 days ago
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