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Kanye West


On Paparazzi

9/27/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
went nuclear again on the paparazzi -- but this time Kanye has good reason to be pissed.

Kanye was at his bachelor pad at 4 AM, when several photogs (not TMZ) approached him as he was getting in his car to leave .... and asked about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

It appears Kim is also there.  Sources say he and Kim were on their way to the airport with the final stop -- Paris.

Take a look at the video.  An infuriated Kanye lunges at the photog but it does not appear there is any physical contact.

It looks as if the photogs are very close to Kanye's driveway -- but the photo agency insists they did not trespass.


As you know, Kanye is currently facing charges of battery and attempted grand theft in connection with the LAX attack, where a photog claims Kanye injured him.

TMZ broke the story ... Kanye's reps have advised him to avoid LAX ... specifically so there would be no other blow-ups with photogs.


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There was a reason when Kanye's mouth was wired shut when he first burst on the scene. He has a big mouth and shoots it off. I am no fan of his whatsoever..
However, since he's being charged, I believe he is trying to curb his obvious anger issues, (ie) telling the paps where he was going yesterday and actually cracked a smile which didn't crack his face in pieces like a ****tered mirror.
I think the late night talk show hosts need to curb their jokes on him, like when I believe it was Colin Ferguson refused to make jokes about Brittany Spears meltdown because he recognized she was mentally ill and not something to be joked about. He has serious anger issues which he needs to deal with, provoking this is not helping him at all. He's facing possible jail time and trying to clean up his image. Stop provoking his known behaviors! It's like offering a drink to an alcoholic. He can't help himself when pushed over the edge.
As for the paps, they were trespassing and I believe hit the stop trigger on the garage.
Paparazzi are constantly crossing the line with all celebrities, this one should be charged.
Kanye and Kim were in their home, not on the streets for everyone to see. Huge violation to privacy.

393 days ago


Where is the baby?....Of course they are good parents
Kayne is an *******. Kim is a bad mother.

393 days ago


I don't like Kanye. And I usually respect y'all. But this was way out of line. I would have had multiple people on this photogs ass. He would have been done

393 days ago


For people who don't want attention, they sure are getting in a pretty attention getting ride.

393 days ago


Her ass looks huge and not in a good way

393 days ago

Mary White    

Ok TMZ says that is Kim i say it's not but more so why don't the paparazzi not take Kenya and Kim's picture just like he don't want to be spoken to you shouldn't waste your time taking his picture see how that works for him. His baby moma makes a living on folks taking her picture. I don't care for either of them it is a waste of my time but i took my precious time to let the paparazzi know first not to take there pictures and to let them know they were wrong for being on his property like that and at 4 am but please stop chasing these folks you see she gave up on showing the baby's picture because she thought folks were going to pay her it didn't work and she thought Weight Watchers were going to ask for her to be spokeperson for them that didn't work either so folks please leave these folks alone i don't want to hear there bull crap. Go ahead Jimmy Kimmbel i got your back. The Kardashins would not be relevant if Kim didn't suck on Ray J dick and folks paid attention

393 days ago


Y they all on yeezy's D though? I woulda been hired a crew 2 smash on paparazzi's buggin the sh*t ouuta me

393 days ago


TMZ why are you all accepting videos from people hiding out at 4am at someone's house. As much as I don't listen to Kanye or care to bits about his music. You all cross the damn line have some damn respect 4am at his residence not a club come on mann...time out for the bull****....

393 days ago

Liar Liar    

LMAO! boo friggin hoo! that nga needs to stfu & *poof* disappear!

393 days ago


Should be all FRIENDLY and shyt at 4 a.m. in the morning when confronted by strangers on his PROPERTY? Would you be?

393 days ago


I wonder does he do that with Kim? I too would be upset if someone hanging around at 4 . But I often wonder if he gets upset like that with Kim if she does something wrong .I too do not like him or his music . I think he nasty looking .One day he going to really hurt someone bad . So be at no one home at 2 or 4 am .

393 days ago


Kanye is 100% in the right for this, I'm glad he's pressing charges. These s***bags need to let up

393 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

This loser needs to have someone explain to him that one of the requirements of the business he's only a small part of is that he will never, ever have any privacy. Period. He looks like he gives himself a massive migraine headache ever single day of his life. What a world Kim has chosen to become part of. Too bad she didn't choose someone that is low key and classy.

393 days ago


He should enjoy the attention while it lasts. His career is bound to go south.

393 days ago


Nah, They dead ****ing wrong for that,I wish Ye could have hit them bitches with the car,dead serious, THEY CAME TO THAT MAN'S HOUSE! If YOU CAN'T CHILL AT HOME THEN WHERE?

393 days ago
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