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Lamar Odom

Planning MASSIVE Anniversary Surprise for Khloe

9/27/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom came back to L.A. from the Palm Springs area Wednesday night and got a MASSIVE amount of cash ... and he's telling people he's spending it on an anniversary present for Khloe Kardashian.

Sources connected to Lamar tell us ... he wants to surprise Khloe with something big today -- for their anniversary -- that will blow her away.   We're told he plans to spend "well over $100,000" on a present.  Sadly, he doesn't understand the only thing that would achieve the goal of blowing Khloe away -- in a good way -- would be if he lays off crack and goes to rehab.

Lamar told people on Thursday he wants to take Khloe to Santa Barbara today where they would spend the night.  Our Kardashian sources say there's no way Khloe is going anywhere with Lamar given his current state.

As for Khloe, we're told she's not giving up on the marriage but she's pessimistic.  One person who regularly speaks to Khloe told us she's saying, "I'm just hoping for a miracle."


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No Avatar


First Khloe has cut him off from all funds so he can't buy drugs and now he's spending $100k on a gift for her. Get your story straight TMZ!

399 days ago


TMZ- Hurry up and call your source, Kris Jenner or the other Kartrashian's...Here's the true latest story..Khloe Kardashian Changes Twitter Name, Drops Odom Before Lamar Odom Wedding Anniversary. SO much for your broke ass story that means NOTHING to those of us who do not and will never believe Kris Jenner's lies via your media outlet HARVEY!

399 days ago

Liar Liar    

How embarrassing it must be for Lam Lam and Chunka Chunk to have "exclusive" stories written about their effed up life, crash and burn already. Honestly, I log on here to read "Lamar Odom DEAD". The crackhead and the enabler will get what they deserve...it's just a matter of time *tick tick*

399 days ago


Let me guess.. The gift is a new face for khloe

399 days ago


At this point...who really cares? You beat this dead horse into the ground long ago...time to move on. Kris needs a new angle.

399 days ago


What is up with TMZ you guys use to be known as a good source because you always had proof to back up ur ****. But latley it seems like u guys r turning into every other gossip site and talking out if ur ass without oroving any facts....not a good look TMZ

399 days ago


I hope the massive surprise is divorce papers and a couple of law suits..One for the Jenner/Kardashian family. One for TMZ aka KMZ site..To date, you have not proven to anyone, Lamar Odom is on ANY drugs. Just wild speculation by your self-serving sources (Jenner/Kartrashian) ZERO PROOF! Does the right hand even know what the left hand is doing at TMZ???? You should really go back over the past few weeks and read the ridiculous claims you've made about this innocent until proven guilty man, Lamar Odom. Who I pray, sues your Arthur George socks off. Anyone with a brain knows Kris Jenner w/ her family are morally corrupt. Yet your site takes their word as it's a message from God himself. Please, wake-up. We are not that STUPID! But we all know you are! #TeamLamarOdom.

399 days ago


As much as I hate the Kartrashians, I bet the only thing she would want is for you to go to rehab and stop banging girls.

399 days ago


But what are they celebrating? Four years of infidelity and drugs? He needs to skip this year and concentrate on bettering himself and respecting those that loved and stood by him.

399 days ago


Theory: He's totally sober and everything's fine, this is just a big joke on America so he can go on Kris' talk show and take a drug test and talk about media and how they can create a story and change public perception.

399 days ago


You know Frankly if I was Kris I would be more worried about her other black pet....Kanye.....and the fact that he is one phone call away from going to jail for making terrorizing threats in phone calls and twitter messages to Jimmie Fallen.....and yes it could happen if he pissing Jimmie Off enough....Kimmie little trained monkey is shyting all over the Kardashian house and Kris is letting him.....cause she to business trying to destroy Lamar and get her and Khloe's hands on that money....4 yrs is the magic number !....after four years of faithful marriage she files for divorcee on the grounds of adultery and he will have to pay thought his nose to the tune of 500,000 dollars per incident...or woman...and she has prove of at least 5 now so she 's up to 2.5 million in just penalties as per the pre nup......What the hell did you think this was all about anyway....Love.....LOL ...

399 days ago


Could it be a really fancy casket for 100K?

399 days ago


Maybe a really expensive divorce lawyer?

399 days ago


like most things planned during heavy drug use i imagine this will fizzle out when he crashes and falls alseep for days.

399 days ago


I've got it... a solid gold replica of his dong for her lonely nights...

399 days ago
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