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Lamar Odom

Planning MASSIVE Anniversary Surprise for Khloe

9/27/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom came back to L.A. from the Palm Springs area Wednesday night and got a MASSIVE amount of cash ... and he's telling people he's spending it on an anniversary present for Khloe Kardashian.

Sources connected to Lamar tell us ... he wants to surprise Khloe with something big today -- for their anniversary -- that will blow her away.   We're told he plans to spend "well over $100,000" on a present.  Sadly, he doesn't understand the only thing that would achieve the goal of blowing Khloe away -- in a good way -- would be if he lays off crack and goes to rehab.

Lamar told people on Thursday he wants to take Khloe to Santa Barbara today where they would spend the night.  Our Kardashian sources say there's no way Khloe is going anywhere with Lamar given his current state.

As for Khloe, we're told she's not giving up on the marriage but she's pessimistic.  One person who regularly speaks to Khloe told us she's saying, "I'm just hoping for a miracle."


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No Avatar

todd lee    

Trying to buy her off, huh? I guess it will work cause after all shes a Kardashian....theyll do anything for money

359 days ago


Umm, I'm sure this makes up for being a bad husband. Some of us settle for crumbs.

359 days ago


Finally i'm able to give you that rock you've always wanted and we can get high for --- HOURS

Tyrone Biggums

359 days ago


This is the classic WARLOCK stage of crack addiction - This stage usually is only obtainable by those with deep pockets to afford endless supply of crack and attention by "other crack heads" who have not yet began to physically deteriorate and trade coochie for crack. The delusions of grandeur are most apparent...

This is called the Sheen Stage at most treatment centers...

359 days ago

david 183    

He better spend that money on rehab.

359 days ago


Yeah and Khloe is just gonna welcome him with open arms after just coming from palm springs shacking with two crack whores having crack orgies.

359 days ago


100,000? WOW! That's probably the amount of money required to put "Disso-Queen" Laura Wasserman on retainer!
Talk about a Great Gift! Money upfront to cover the cost of her Divorce Lawyer.

359 days ago


so let's review this: a few weeks ago, Fat Mike said on TMZ that Khloe does not want all this drama to play out in the media - yet it continues to do so. TMZ reported that Lamar was holed up with that Paulina "attorney" chick, then we were told he was missing in action, then we're told Fat-Squatch kicked him out, then we're told he was in rehab. then we're told he missing in action, then were told he got arrested for DUI, then we're told his father trashed the Trash-Kan-Klan, then we're told Lam-Lam tweeted his "love for the Trash-Kanians", then we're told that his friends say Lam-Lam didn't tweet, then we're told he was in Palm Springs - went to Tarzana then to the downtown loft, then we're told while in Tarzana he got 100.000 in cash for a gift for Khloe.....
I think TMZ is delusional if they (and the trash-kanians) think ANYONE believes ANY OF THIS AT ALL.

359 days ago

boo boo    

The "surprise" will be divorce papers

359 days ago


expensive gifts still shouldn't make up for the fact he's a cheater. How can you stay married and trust this man again? Girl, move on.

359 days ago


He plans her a SURPRISE? Well QUICK TMZ, write it on your website so it's not a surprise anymore!

359 days ago


Surprise! Here's your big pile of crack! Oh you don't want it, I'll just take it then... OK thx buhbye!

359 days ago


Seriously getting tired of this Lamar ****.

1) The Kardashians are feeding most of it to TMZ.

2) That means TMZ is in on it all.

3) That means the Kardashians and TMZ are both full of ****.

359 days ago


How does the "source connected to Lamar" KNOW that the 100K is being used to buy a gift Khloe? How does said source know about the 100K at all?
this story says the gift will "blow her away"! Maybe he's using that 100K to rent a huge fan to blow her away....FAR FAR AWAY.

359 days ago


Please, please, please STOP reporting on this ass hole & his disgusting wigger wife...ENOUGH ALREADY....Why do we all have to hear about this moron on a daily basis...NOBODY CARES..

359 days ago
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