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Kanye West

Paris Paparazzi Don't Suck

Like L.A. Photogs!

9/30/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta see this one ... Kanye West is at his bizarre best on the streets of Paris, ragging on L.A. photogs and telling French paparazzi they do it a lot better.

Kanye started the encounter by warning the photogs not to talk to him.  But then he started rambling on about how much more respectful they are than their L.A. counterparts.

It seems it was meant more for the photogs back home than the Frenchies.

And the best part ... the woman who had no idea who Kanye was ... watch his face as a photog asks Kanye to intro himself to the lady.  Priceless.


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See, now thats why he needs to be humble.

334 days ago

Nobody Special    

The best part of the Video was the Lady at the End asking the cameraman who that ugly gay angry guy is? Most of the PapA in Paris are gay, and this is why Kangay loves them so much. Kangay can wear the collar-up on his Pink Polo Shirts and get 'hit-on' by the weak top-pap's over there. I have been to a couple exclusive Private Clubs in Paris and there is no Way Kangay, Kum or Compass could get in these Clubs. The expression on Kangay's face was priceless when the Lady asked who Kangau was.... What all the Pap's should do is take pics of Kangay's Drivers or people around him, but don't take any pics of the gay-boy anymore.

334 days ago


effen hilarious

334 days ago


lol @ all the haters.. Kanye, you are a genius and such a humble person when you are approached with generosity instead of ignorance and belligerence. ANY human being would respect a working man for doing their job Responsibly, not obsessively. Kudos to you Kanye! lol, TMZ probably wont approve this comment because it's Kanye POSITIVE!

334 days ago

Sim Moore    

Wow that ego took a blow!!!! lol Good now he knows that everyone's world doesn't revolve around him.

334 days ago


Isn't it hypocritcal that West is the ONLY one that can talk? What a total joke! West is the biggest disappointment and just plain pathetic, doesn't he just look pathetic "don't ask questions . . . don't talk to me" as he CAN'T STOP TALKING going on and on and on.

What needs to happen is pushback, a resistance to anything associated with West. ALL of us NEED to stop commenting (buying direct products or indiirect products--items he produces or helps create etc.), that's why I just can't stand that I'm doing it right now. I feel icky, like I need to jump into a pool of water to get rid of all the ick I feel, while discussing West. West doesn't NEED attention (that he so seeks) I could name countless examples of West's complaints (aka tantrums) for not getting this or that all the while he projects it on his favorite villian, white America.

334 days ago


what a joke! he's dilusional! No one cares who he is. BTW~ that handshake? Really!? WEAK! a handshake says ALOT about a person! that just confirmed everything i already knew about him.

334 days ago


he looks like BLADE

333 days ago


What a huge pile of trash. Can't wait until his days are over. What a waste or S P E R M.

331 days ago


Man some of you guys are ****ing stupid, the media in the states IS ****ED, completely neutral to this, I saw that as being polite, I'm sure that was a nice change to paparazzi running right up to his face and taking pictures, I remember seeing Pari******on getting mobbed (not a fan, obviously she has made some questionable choices) but the paparazzi were calling her a whore, saying comments so she would react so that could get a picture of her crying/angry and spin some bull**** story about her... The hand shake, I sure he's shaking hands with strangers almost every day of the week, he chose to acknowledge him and when the woman ask who he was, he politely introduced yourself, who's to say many of your favourite celebs would? If an America "hero" evil kanievel decided to drop a multi million dollar case against him because quote "he is a wonderful kind polite man" he's tryed starting an organisation "donda" to help improve the school systems in America, quote "the American school system raises our kids to be factory workers" have a look where your state ranks on the WORLD scale of education.. something so small can be blown up and force fed to a nation to make sales. Just like the war between croatia and serbia started over something so small as LA lakers player Vlade Divac after his team back home yugoslavia won the world championships some idiot supporting a war came on court waving a croatian flag, to keep peace and not start a riot, vlade (serbian) took the flag off him to only celebrate a united Yugoslavia, only to be blown up and started a 10 year war costing 130k lives... You all loved him after "diamonds from Sierra Leone" raising awareness for forced child soldiers and family's being forced to mine for gorilla camps, hate unfortunately sells more, Britney Spears at her lowest was something ridiculous something like the 100's of millions empire for gossip mags, who's currently selling the most now? miley cyrus, her and her management aren't stupid, she's still getting paid for these story's in gossip mags, why else would she bring up a 2 year old story with sinade o'conner?? She'll properly make her money and leave entertainment for a bit until someone else ****s up. If kanye still has a massive fan base and raps about not giving a ****, good for him, I'm sure he's enjoying his life. I'm sure when he's finished with entertainment he won't be living in the states, like all the other great entertainers of the past and present. Enjoy throwing money at the rappers who entertain gang violence and drug use, being in a gang is a weak mentality, not having the ability to do something on your own, a cowards game, standing own your own two feet is an attribute something only the brave have, I have plenty of American friends I've met while traveling who have had there mind opened, no doubt that most of you are lovely people, but if a country were citizens aren't united in something so useful in protecting its nations people with "obamacare" where everywhere else in this world has some sort of Medicare system in place for its people, your country is going to find itself in strife, the next 30/40 years are going to be really telling of Americas future

330 days ago


Nobody cares who he is but yet u comment...yeah that makes sense

330 days ago


Yep the paris photographers do it better cause they got a pic of the baby on kims cell phone where in LA they could not.

328 days ago
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