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Kanye West

Paris Paparazzi Don't Suck

Like L.A. Photogs!

9/30/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta see this one ... Kanye West is at his bizarre best on the streets of Paris, ragging on L.A. photogs and telling French paparazzi they do it a lot better.

Kanye started the encounter by warning the photogs not to talk to him.  But then he started rambling on about how much more respectful they are than their L.A. counterparts.

It seems it was meant more for the photogs back home than the Frenchies.

And the best part ... the woman who had no idea who Kanye was ... watch his face as a photog asks Kanye to intro himself to the lady.  Priceless.


No Avatar


He's just happier there cause that's where he gets his sex. You all don't think Kim is giving him any do you? Heyyyyyyy Riccardo!

354 days ago


Surprise, I don't give a sh-t who he thinks he is either.

354 days ago


funny how the video is from x17online they are the same paps that he beat up like a child few months ago at lax airport he has no idea its x17online what a fat heat full of his almighty self NOT

354 days ago


AND, HALLE BERRY WOULD BE THE FIRST TO AGREE WITH YOU, KAYNE !!!!!! Kudos' to the Paps' in Paris & take note TMZ, lessons to be learned.... You even had to put a negative in a positive article for this article... Must be difficult to 'own up'....

354 days ago

Gsharon 710    


354 days ago


still an *******.... no matter what side of the globe he is on.

354 days ago


Ya,,,,,REAL PRICELESS....This woman didn't even know this loser....Love it....He thinks he's so popular all over the world. He's totally UNFAMOUS....UGH>..

354 days ago


...Funny how "CARL" conveniently forgets that it was Diana's driver who at the time of the crash was four times past the legal alcohol limit, and who is the individual ultimately responsible for the deaths---not the paps.

I now it's close to impossible; however, you half-wits must try to ask yourselves why Diana's car was moving in excesses of 100 mph?

And if you are so desperate for the paps not to get your picture-- then why are you riding around in a fishbowl clear Mercedes Benz without limousine tinted windows?

And finally---because I have been in many chauffeured driven vehicles, I can attest that NO DRIVER is going to accelerate to such speeds without the approval or DEMAND of his passengers no matter how drunk he is at the time.

Let's get real--Diana and her rich, spoiled boy-toy, got themselves killed for being way too rich, and way too spoiled; so f#@k George Clooney and whatever he has to say--in his knee-jerk attempt to take the spotlight onto himself.

And finally, the paps cannot chase anything that is not running.

If you have any doubts---go outside, and try to chase a tree....Artofwar

354 days ago


These paparazzi's are the same ones who killed Princess Diana....WOW he is so delusional....btw, what drugs is he using????? Still can't stomach the douche, along w/his ugly other half kim trashian...She looks like a friggin lol

354 days ago


I love the look on Kanye's face when the lady asks who he is. 'YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM" is what he's thinking. Dude hates attention yet needs it to survive.

354 days ago

arale norimaki    

“kanye =gayfish

Alright, now what do we know about fishsticks?

They're breaded, they're fried, they're frozen. Then under me we have rapper, genius. And gay fish are homosexual. They swim. Is it because breaded has something to do with genius? Which swims?

I don't need anyone tellin' me "play on words"! I'm a motherfunkin' lyrical wordsmith motherfunkin' genius!””

354 days ago

Ca Girl    

Reality check!

354 days ago


I actually LIKED that Kanye! I liked how he introduced himself to that lady who did not know who he was. I really did not see any arrogance in that. He seemed respectful, for a change. I have never heard a Kanye song- I only know the nut the pap popularizes. So this was a refreshing view of him and makes me kinda want to know what he actually does for a living now.

354 days ago

Just Me    

I'd like 5 minutes with that bully. He only intimadates those he thinks he can.

354 days ago


Pap: "She wants to know who you are. Can I tell her?"

She doesn't know who you are, Yeezus! HAHAHAHA!!

Since when do we have to bow down and ask kanye's permission to explain his dumb ass to somebody? Everybody needs to quit crawling up his ass. He gets all the respect he deserves.

354 days ago
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