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Kanye West

Paris Paparazzi Don't Suck

Like L.A. Photogs!

9/30/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta see this one ... Kanye West is at his bizarre best on the streets of Paris, ragging on L.A. photogs and telling French paparazzi they do it a lot better.

Kanye started the encounter by warning the photogs not to talk to him.  But then he started rambling on about how much more respectful they are than their L.A. counterparts.

It seems it was meant more for the photogs back home than the Frenchies.

And the best part ... the woman who had no idea who Kanye was ... watch his face as a photog asks Kanye to intro himself to the lady.  Priceless.


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Just Me    

I'd like 5 minutes with that bully. He only intimidates those he thinks he can.

352 days ago


Great, than live in Paris. Works for everyone...

352 days ago


Instead of he and Kim buying a home in California, just pack up and move to Gay Parie. That way we all will be happy. Buh bye

352 days ago


What a strage guy.

352 days ago


Um, he knows they are responsible for the death of Princess Diana, right? Of course's Kanye's world and the rest of us are just living in it.

352 days ago


This jack ass is a straight up IDIOT. He obviously does not think before he speaks.

352 days ago


Simple solution.....move to Paris yeesuz-peezus! Take the entire Kartrashians with you. One poster comment that he can't speak French. You are right and he doesn't know what they are saying. Hell, he can't even speak English. He's a psycho!

352 days ago


LOL! That was priceless!

The man is a moron. It is absolutely idiotic to keep saying "Don't talk to me." like a 5 year old. I bet he doesn't say that when no one is buying his music anymore. That day will come and then he will be begging them to talk to him.

352 days ago


awww, isn't he such a sweetie pie....and a moron, self centered POS, ugly as fudge, etc.....Where is baby kumye?

352 days ago


I'm so glad that lady didn't know who he was. We all need some "humble pie" every now and then...Kanye more than others!

352 days ago


Nothing about his behavior was bizarre. He wasn't rambling on he was stating some pretty good points. All photags work for TMZ.

352 days ago


Good. Then STAY there.

352 days ago


Seems like someone got an a$$-whooping these past few nights!

While Mr. Ye was putting down the LA paps and telling them to get a "respectful" job, he was also putting down everything his babymama & her family stand for. This "money" KK has that allows Mr. Ye to not worry about her wanting his money came in a large part from "PAPS"! It is widely known the KLAN call the PAPS in advance of their outings and have arrangements with tabloid sites & mags to take and post their photos.

Kind of ironic isn't it???

Or maybe a real-life parody / spoof / satire???

I wonder if Mr. Ye remembers Robert "Evel" Kneivel and First Amendment rights from a few years back?

Anyone other than Mr. Ye go to Pusha-T's party on June 14???

Some interesting stuff going on.

The real question is: Did the smack-down come from KK or the leader of the KLAN?

One thrives on the PAPS & limelight, the other doesn't - funny or sad?

Something's gotta give.

352 days ago


Tell that to Princess Diana, dude!

352 days ago


He's Such an ASS! I say, All Photographers should Ignore the Hell out of him ... that will piss him off even more!

352 days ago
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