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Lindsay Lohan's Parents

Persona Non Grata

on OWN Show

9/30/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality show producers want nothing to do with her parents, and TMZ has learned ... an executive decision was made to ban them from the show.

Michael and Dina Lohan will NOT film a single scene for the upcoming series.  No one will even refer to DiLo's DWI arrest earlier this month -- according to production sources.

We're told producers were struggling a few weeks back with the show's direction ... and after intense debate decided to not include the "Lohan family circus."

We're told cameras did capture Michael and Lindsay together on 3 days -- but it's unclear whether that footage will make the final cut ... and there won't be any further shooting with daddy dearest.

Our sources say the show will stick to its original focus -- Lindsay's "comeback and recovery" ... which is what she agreed to from the get go.

Thank you O ...  for keeping Michael and Dina off our TVs.


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Yeah right. I don't believe it. And "comeback and recovery"? There is NO comeback and she is NOT recovered. She is still a mess and will NEVER change.

387 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Awwww! How cute, Gavin posting old pics of his forever best friends.

Gavin Doyle ‏@SaveTheSociety 27 Sep
#fbf @lindsaylohan

Yup, it wont be long....Choo- Chooo! Derail

387 days ago


Funny how OWN is now trying to distance themselves from DUina and MILO, especially after DUIna's DUI. Wonder if DUina may have been coming back from a staged event set up by OWN when she got popped for the DUI.

387 days ago


the entire Lolife family need to get cancer and die.

387 days ago


Oh boy, I'm sure going to set my DVR for every single episode of that show! ... as soon as I figure out what channel OWN is.

387 days ago



387 days ago


Hell I thought OWN meaned..." Only When Needed" like on the back of a bottle of pain pills cause too much would kill ya.......

387 days ago


Did someone accidentally use the word "reality"? LOL!

387 days ago


Too funny "comback and recovery" who the hell is she trying to kid. Lohan is only doing what she has to do to get paid. Than it's right back to paryting.

If Winfrey doesn't think people don't know this is set up staged and phony she's on another planet.

What a total waste of of money to a no talent, washed up hac, pathological liar, drunk and drug addict.

What using that money to feed hungry kids instead ins't worthy but Lohan is. Sorry Winfrey all respect for you is gone.

387 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Of course producers were struggling with a direction, Lindsay doesn't actually DO anything besides shop and party, with an ocassional stunt cast gig in between.

387 days ago


Let's not complain too much or they will shift this story down and replace it with another Kardashian one !!!!
Which wouldn't be bad if they published those pictures of Kim and her monk fish at the designer show the other night.....The one where she is dressed up as a Holstien Cow in black and blonde hair ...with her udders straining to get out of that tight dress....and showing off her new Beyounce style nose and Lohan lips.....and Kanye looked all for the world like a Monk fish dressed as a Pimp.......Don't know who's boobs hang lower Kim's or Lindsay's though Kim has a lot more boob that girl is down right Fat....I think they got the number wrong over on ROL ..."she's got 10 lbs to go before size back to size 2 "....I believe they meant 22......cause ain't know way in Hell she is near a two ...will unless you only count one boob......

387 days ago


The only reason they were struggling with the diretion of a "reality" show is because the subject at hand is a self-entitled, unemployable, junkie. b*tch.

387 days ago


Oprah is you are going to lie then lie big.when shes not blowing dudes for coke film her singing in a church choir,saving staged burning orphans and feeding the homeless with the food she cooked. You are doing a fiction do***entary might as well make more unbelievable.

387 days ago


Embarassed of the parents but not of lindsay with a rap sheet as big as "wat and pease".WTF

387 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

JCSEF ‏@jcsef 4h
I really let myself go this weekend, my hair was down and the drugs were out! Thanks for loving me for who i am @lindsaylohan

386 days ago
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