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Lindsay Lohan's Parents

Persona Non Grata

on OWN Show

9/30/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality show producers want nothing to do with her parents, and TMZ has learned ... an executive decision was made to ban them from the show.

Michael and Dina Lohan will NOT film a single scene for the upcoming series.  No one will even refer to DiLo's DWI arrest earlier this month -- according to production sources.

We're told producers were struggling a few weeks back with the show's direction ... and after intense debate decided to not include the "Lohan family circus."

We're told cameras did capture Michael and Lindsay together on 3 days -- but it's unclear whether that footage will make the final cut ... and there won't be any further shooting with daddy dearest.

Our sources say the show will stick to its original focus -- Lindsay's "comeback and recovery" ... which is what she agreed to from the get go.

Thank you O ...  for keeping Michael and Dina off our TVs.


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Chief Gall    

quick annoy in..............
The Lindsay skit with her good friend Jimmy Fallon has received numerous views and likes and positive comments on Youtube in just a few days. Sure was funny. Lindsay is a natural with very good timing. Gifted, above average actress. She could have been much better in L&D and a couple of other things, but no big deal. The Canyons is depressing and bad, but Lindsay is quite good. This seems to be the consensus among critics and viewers. Of course, dimwit, mentally tilted haters don't understand the obvious. You poor things.
And BTW, the OW interview pulled a total of 1.8 millions households the first night. Multiply that by an average of 2 to 3 humans per household watching. Haters swore they would not watch. Who do you think watched??? LOL!!!!!! How irrelevant do you feel, hater? On a scale of 1 to 10? MLOL!!!!!!

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quick annoy very out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

356 days ago


You CANNOT shine ****!

356 days ago


You CANNOT shine ****!

356 days ago


@Jay... Crackie has a mental disorder that she has been self medicating for to the point of physical/psychological addiction. Her early release from UCLA was conditional on court mandated 2 behavior therapy sessions and 4 psychotherapy sessions per week in addition to her chemical dependency requirements. So her problem wasn't just addiction issues but a mental disorder requiring intensive treatment. Also taking into account her antics over the years-her risky behavior of speeding and shoplifting, her anger management and her entitlement issues, it follows that she most likely has a Borderline personality disorder. TMZ even reported at the time that she had a personality disorder-but downplayed it by stating that at least she wasn't bipolar! As if being bipolar was worse than having a personality disorder. People seem to forget this because she tested dirty mere weeks after being released from UCLA and was sentenced into Betty Ford for 3 months by Judge Fox. So she never had to complete the intensive therapy that UCLA said she needed. Now fast forward 3 years to 2013. Crackie is at square 1 again. Cliffside told the court that she needed continued psychotherapy-again for a undisclosed illness-if her sobriety was to be a success. It is now court ordered yet again. The sad part of this Orcah PR stunt is that she will never show us what should be a compelling story of Crackie succeeding- or most likely- failing in her recovery from mental illness. Did Orcah ask any questions about this court mandated therapy in her initial interview? NO. Likewise, she will exclude it from the docu-lies series as well. And given that Crackie was "blowing off" her meetings with Orcah's crew, she is probably not doing her court mandated therapy either. So what we have here is just a fluff piece to save OWN and a paycheck for Crackie. Not the compelling story it COULD and SHOULD be.

356 days ago



356 days ago


As someone whose had his own hellish recovery from dysfunctional parents and people:

I applaud the OWN Network on this gutsy/wise decision.

When we separate from it/them - clarity ensues.

Very pleasant surprise - congratulations to OWN.

356 days ago

thando mandlazi    

celebs are actually the people we rely on in order have to have our top gossip but we are also tired of hearing the same old topics about stupid babies and their stupid names we want to hear real stuff like digging deep about how they got to fame because majority of our journalist are hiding the truth about our so called celebrities we get new artist everyday but we don't actually know how they get the power to make it to the top . for example this guy kendrick lamar he stared small as an unknown guy but after a few days he was know famous and we all know its because he joined illuminathi/satanism but the journalist are not digging that deep come on guys we wabt real juicy and hot gossip

356 days ago


If it's up to dysfunction/dysfunctional parents and people?

You GO down with the ship.

Dr. Phil offered Lindsey's parents help/direction.

OWN's taking it a step further - good for OWN.

If dysfunction wants/needs to exist - and it does.

It can do so in its' own little world -

Cutting-the-cord/continuing in treatment?

Very best decision I ever made.

OWN's got it right - this is fantastic for Lindsey.

356 days ago


"Get Well Or Get Lost."

The ultimatum my therapist gave to my warped parents.

Congratulations to OWN -

356 days ago


So, the show is going to be a whitewhash job? Shocking. I don't know how one "focuses on" Lindsey's "recovery," without exploring the family dynamic that could easily torpedo her so-called recovery.

356 days ago


Is there really anyone on this planet who will watch this garbage?

356 days ago



Seeking to know the Real Lindsay, Harpo Productions has had two interviews with Vikram Chatwal, known as “Little Viki”, “The Bank”, and “Pay to Play” by his various friends, hookers and family, eh?

Vikram called off his engagement with Supermodel Esther Canadas when he heard that Linds was back in business, hooking and drugging up a storm! During the Oprah interview Little Viki said “No one does the Flaming Firesnatch with Freckles like Lilo! She gives you a burn you can feel right down to the final chakra! It really is amazing and well worth $2 Million!”

Linds dropped by during the interview and gave a blow by blow demonstration including the unique RCG Donkey Ride which was filmed by the crew. Oprah said “The Canyons was a farce, what we have on tape proves Linds has some talent! OWN is going to become the Lilo Porn Network of Choice!”

(Photo by DWIna)

356 days ago


they should be banned from any further reproducing

356 days ago


What good is a reality show oif one can't have the parents present??????

356 days ago

Kevin Quinn    

All you have to do to get your own series is be a loser. Charlie Sheen is another. Who cares about these people.

356 days ago
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