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Lamar Odom

High As A Kite

Vows to Play BBall Again

10/1/2013 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0926-lamar-odom-tmzLamar Odom is drugged out of his head ... but he's telling people he will sober up and play basketball again this coming season ... yes, he's that delusional.

Sources who have been spending time with Lamar tell us his drug problem is out of control -- that one of his drug dealers alone has sold him thousands of dollars in coke.  We're told Lamar is now freebasing with pure cocaine.

As crazy as it sounds ... Lamar has done it before.  We know he was using while on the Lakers and on the Mavericks.  In addition, he was off the rails using drugs just months before joining the Clippers but cleaned up enough to get through the season.

We're told Lamar is full-on paranoid now ... he believes people are trying to set him up to get caught.  As he told one friend, "Everyone wants to see me fail, but I'm not gonna let that happen."



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Leave dude alone damn tell me abt what yall smoke writing this bull****

396 days ago


Gee, I don't know why he would be paranoid? It's not like TMZ is posting 10 stories a day about him and paying anyone and everyone who has had any contact with him ever for dirt on him.

Of course he's paranoid! Cracked out or not, he has every reason to be!!

396 days ago


SOURCES DAY: Name your sources. TMZ does not enjoy the same 1st amendment rights that a newspaper or anyone with journalistic integrity does, so rather then making this up as you go, name your source. Or are their four, all with names beginning and ending with the letter K ( or one former K, now J)?????

396 days ago


Harvey's has been and is groveling for anything he can.

More of the same old accusations 'mystery sources' and never a backup. Wow. What a no surprise.

It's amazing of the amount of drugs and crack, all of his 'binges' (never a photo or actual proof) shouldn't Odom be dead by now?

396 days ago


Too late Lamar, you've already failed

396 days ago


Lamar does not look high as a kite on this photo. He looks stressed out from all you buzzards flying over his head trying to drop dead carcasses on him!!!!!!

396 days ago


Lamar does not look high as a kite on this photo. He looks stressed out from all you buzzards flying over his head trying to drop turds on him!!!!!!

396 days ago


Enough already of trying to drag Lamar through the mud! A few famous white actors continue to struggle with drug problems and some have even died, yet most have been able to rebound and reclaim their a-list status and continue their acting careers. Why? Because there's a double standard here, people. Get off Lamar's back and allow him to overcome whatever problems exist. Until you are in his shoes you will never know what happened but rest assured he is one smart and strong black warrior who can stand to the pressures of the racism he is confronted with.

396 days ago


It's his life looks like he wants to throw it away what a shame

396 days ago

MH smith    

Odom so drugged out he doesn't realize the season starts next week. Might be a good idea for him to get on a team. practice, team, practice, games, practice and more games... no room for crack jack

396 days ago


TMZ needs to quit reporting everything they are "told" and quit giving this publicity. I am not defending the guy, clearly he is a wreck. But it doesn't need to be a story every single day on what you are "told". If he gets arrested, or wrecks his car, or goes to rehab, or overdoses then fine write a story. but quit keeping this train wreck in the spotlight. We get it, he's a crack head.

396 days ago

Playboy Buddy Rose    

Yo Lamar.... the Devil's Dandruff is undefeated!

396 days ago


""Everyone wants to see me fail, but I'm not gonna let that happen.""
No, he's not gonna "let" it happen, he's gonna "make" it happen.
Lamar: Just say "No".

396 days ago


This can all be stopped by him wearing aluminum foil on his head.

396 days ago

R. Hall    

He is truly in denial, and doesn't get that this is a progressive disease. The one thing about addiction is it lets you believe you are not an addict. It's one purpose is to kill you. Period. He hasn't hit his bottom yet. This is the hard part for his loved ones. They need to stay away and let him crash and burn. God has a plan for Lamar.

396 days ago
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