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Arnold's Love Child


10/1/2013 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there was any doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger shtuped his former maid .... DOUBT NO MORE ... 'cause his love child is about to turn 16 -- and he looks just like his humungous father.

Standing roughly 8'2" and weighing an estimated 475 lbs (pure muscle) ... genetic jackpot winner  Joseph Baena strolled alongside his mother Mildred during a shopping excursion in Bakersfield, CA yesterday.

Joseph was sporting a shirt from a swimming and diving competition -- it's unclear if he participated, but we're guessing if he did, he dominated ... based purely on his enormous physique.

Fun Fact -- Arnold first began competitive bodybuilding around the age of 16 ... and eventually excelled in competitive adultery.

Happy birthday Joe!


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Lauren E    

Subjecting this innocent kid to Internet bullying. You must be SO proud, TMZ!

352 days ago


Dont dp molly before work interns. Your "estimate" and "roughly" is enough to get you drug tested.

352 days ago


Arnie, not only can you not speak proper English, you are either blind or have very very low standards.
Poor, kid had nothing to do about it and now is the but of many jokes and his mother is a nasty looking whore.

352 days ago


I hope this kid can sue TMZ got this story. Trashing a 15 year old kid. How low to make up stories. Remember something is only funny if everyone laugh not just yourself.

352 days ago


somebody made a typo there's NO way that kid is 8'2"

352 days ago


And just as homely as his mother.

352 days ago


Is this story a joke?

352 days ago


Decent looking kid...he'll be fine.....who'd a thunk it!?

352 days ago


Arnold is VERY short! I think this kid is too.

352 days ago

Pharaohciously Sandi    

Wow, he really is "a chip of the ole block!" Aside from the scandalous infidelity & betrayal Arnold put his family through, (culminating in the existence of this boy, literally) one can see the positives here with this photograph. Kinda proves the theory about 2 ugly people (long as they're from opposite sides of the globe & different races) making good-looking offspring? ;) Well, this kid couldn't have looked this good without that "bloodline" mixed in there I reckon. I wonder what he thinks about the whole scandal that erupted over his paternity & how it made him feel to find out that the dad he thought was his father, actually wasn't & his mum, who was a house-keeper/cleaner, was having a long-term affair with her employer, resulting in his conception, then financial support until eventually, as he grew, his appearance was evidence enough and caused 2 marriages (families) to be torn apart & this poor kid would have been going through all kinds of grief at a very young age when the story 1st broke, right up 'till now & I wonder about all the stuff that still didn't get discovered or found out about by the media, like if stuff actually got to stay secret & still is?? I reckon this kid would get just as much attention & love from Arnold, as Maria's kids with him? Just a gut feeling I've had for ages. Always had the feeling that there was way more to the story than the media dug up. Because the "scoop" & the scale of it all, was way more than enough for reporters & I'll bet there's heaps of other even more "grungier" stories that are all still secret & still going on?? I'm so suss :)

352 days ago


You mean 6'2" & 275 lbs??? Get your facts, or your common sense straight TMZ!!!

352 days ago


Damn TMZ hes 8'2 WOW call the Guinness world record people and being 475 IBS hes sure fit.

352 days ago


Def not 8ft 2 and 475lbs, Hes 6f2...and quite hunky. Looks hung too.

352 days ago

John Long    

Hey he's 16 leave the kid alone.

352 days ago


TMZ..... we're supposed to trust what you put out??
Do you even HAVE an Editor???
If my team put so much incorrect information out that TMZ does.... they'd lose their job.
Hello?? Any MANAGERS at TMZ???
"Standing roughly 8'2" and weighing an estimated 475 lbs (pure muscle) ... genetic jackpot winner Joseph Baena"
What an embarrassment to TMZ.

352 days ago
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