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'Chris Christie Is Retarded'

10/1/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10:03 AM PDT
-- JWoww just took to Twitter to explain herself and apologize -- sorta. She says she was caught off guard when she made her comments. But she still calls Christie "disgusting and judgmental" for his views on gay marriage.  She apologized for her earlier choice of words .. but not for how she feels about the Gov.
Chris Christie is "retarded" ... so says Jwoww who (along with Snooki) is clearly still feuding with the Jersey governor after a nasty run in with the guy earlier this year.

The Jersey gals were leaving Boa Steakhouse on the Sunset Strip last night when we brought up CC -- and that's when the smacktalk began.

"He's a disgrace to New Jersey," Jwoww said ... adding, "Just like we were."

The two sides have been beefin' for a while (Chris doesn't like the show, the girls don't understand why) ... and it all came to a head back in May during an encounter on the Jersey Shore.

At the time, Snooki told Christie, "I just wanted to meet you, and just, hope you start to like us.”

Don't hold your breath ...


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Holy #hit these two loser Ho's calling anyone a retard is not right. Obviously when you drop out of High School you missed out on how to treat people.
Their combined I Q is probably less than the average high school sophmore

350 days ago


The series finale of MTV's reality series Jersey Shore drew just 3.1 million viewers on Thursday, concluding as its least-watched finale on record.

350 days ago


Guido trash like her are what make Jersey look bad.

350 days ago


Please keep Snookie out of my life - I can't take it anymore. No more Snookie updates. PLEASE!

350 days ago

She's baaaack    

I thought both she and that fat weeble she was with were from New York and just spread their vacation filth at the Jersey Shore. She looks rode hard and put away wet and the weeble has always been hard to look at. They're both as stupid as the day is long, so to call someone "retarded" defies explanation.

350 days ago

BB not bb    

I thought she would apologize. She and Snooki did a funny skit on Joy Bahar on YouTube and that was taken down and they apologized for that. They try not to offend the wrong people.

I think Crispy is right to ban gay marriage, even though he banned therapists from offering minors gay conversion therapy. That got some Christians up in arms. She is just trying to come off as pc now that she put her foot in her mouth threatening a blowhard by acting like she doesn't approve of him.

Where is the clip that set her off?

350 days ago


Looks like a female Wayne Newton.

350 days ago


id say she is disgusting and judgmentall of people who refuse to lie and tell gays what they do is normal and natural

350 days ago


JWOW Is Probably a Registered VOTER in New Jersey and that entitles her to her opinion about Governor Christy,

350 days ago


Why does anybody even CARE what this girl or any of the other idiots on that show think about anything??? They are nobodys. Just goes to show how uneducated she is. Chris Christie is an amazing guy and an awsome governor. He has done a hell of a lot for New Jersey and is a kind, compassionate and funny man. So what if he dosent support gay marriage. Thats his right. If you check your Bible you will see that God does not want man to pair with man or woman to pair with woman. I dont care how popular it is today - its just wrong. And Snooki's little run in with Chris earlier this year means little or nothing to anybody. I hated that stupid-ass show too. Just a bunch of drunken, dumb-ass Italian kids screwing everything in site. Yeah, classy. LOVE YA CHRIS!!!!!

350 days ago


"Just like we were"? I'm sure the people of New Jersey would think different.

350 days ago


And this from an illiterate, ambulatory never-was.

350 days ago


hopefully their kids are retarded

350 days ago


What is so interesting with no talent people grabbing all the 15 minutes of fame they can get?

350 days ago


That's the pot calling the kettle black...

350 days ago
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