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Jermaine Jackson

The Big Winner

In MJ Trial ... Maybe

10/2/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100113_jermaine_jackson_launch_v2If Katherine Jackson wins her lawsuit against AEG ... the BIG winner isn't really Katherine or Michael's 3 kids ... more likely it's Jermaine Jackson, along with Tito, Randy and Marlon.

We got Jermaine out in Calabasas yesterday ... and we asked if Katherine provided for him in her will, but he dodged the question. 

Here's the significance.  Katherine is suing for $10 BILLION.   If the jury awards her a substantial amount of money, it would almost certainly go to her kids when she dies, and here's why --  Michael's children won't need the money for two reasons. 

First, the 3 kids are also suing, so any judgment would probably be more than enough for them to live off of.  Also, when Katherine dies, they'll pretty much get the vast fortune that has been accumulated in the MJ Estate.

The logical people who would get Katherine's money would be hubby Joe and their kids.  Katherine has been sparing in terms of what she gives Joe -- they don't live together anymore, so her kids would almost certainly be the primary beneficiaries of what she leaves behind.

As for the kids -- Janet is doing just fine, and we're told La Toya is also sitting pretty in the finance department.  So the boys would benefit the most.


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get a job you lazy crumb bums

364 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

So basically what you're saying is that you have no idea what Katherine's will says. You claim that Tito, Jermaine, Randy and Marlon would inherit because Janet and Latoya are already wealthy. What about Jackie and Rebbie? What about her grandchildren? What is the point of this speculative story?

364 days ago


The article written by TMZ isn't completely accurate.
First,:Katherine's attorney is NOT asking for $10 billion. It's $1 to $2 billion.
Second: California is a community property state and Katherine is still married to Joe. If she dies before Joseph, her property & money goes to her husband. Upon his death is when disbursements are made to their children. Any one parent can "gift" their children up to $13,000 per year tax free. Both parents can "gift" their child up to $26K per year tax free. Any "gift money" above those amounts are taxable and tax paid by the giver/doner.
Third: When Katherine dies, MJ3 will inherit her 40% stake of the MJ Estate going forward.

364 days ago


In the video, Jermaine says "it's not about money". That sure sounds good but is it true? What about what Merrill Osmond tweeted on Sept. 1, 2013:
Re: “The Greatest Charity Gala of the Year” being held in the UK on Sept. 1, 2013.
Jermaine Jackson will not be at gala tonight as he was served a court injunction and cannot leave USA.
Child support arrears again Jermaine or breach of contract?

364 days ago


He'd tour MJ's corpse if he thought it'd bring in a few bucks.

364 days ago


This has to be the most cold hearted story you've written. Talking about how the death of this woman will make her children wealthy. How about they get off their asses and work for a living!

364 days ago


Jermaine and his siblings are very like the reason Katherine filed the suit in the first place. It's a safe bet they pressured her to do so. Michael didn't provide for them in his will, and Katherine most assuredly would, so a lawsuit against AEG could be their goose that laid the golden egg.

364 days ago


This is news?

364 days ago

Ozzie X    

Is his hear made of plastic it always looks the same and never moves.

364 days ago


who cares? the child molester is dead and his family aint getting jack shyt from the lawsuit because verdict for the plaintiff will be zero.

364 days ago


I really wish all the son's Jermaine Tito, Randy would all BEAT IT !!! these lames haven't did anything besides sleep with the same chick in which she had kids so they are cousin's and brother's @ the same dayum time ... NOW that's dysfunctional

364 days ago


I hope the verdict is $1.

364 days ago


Jermain is full of sh_ _! It is not about the family losing Michael. It is and always will be all about the money. When Katherine dies and if she doesn't distribute the money equally among her children, there will be an all out war in that family! You ain't seen nothing yet!

364 days ago


Jermaine Jackson is the muslim bigot who convinced Michael that whites and jews stole all his money while siphoning fortunes off of Michael, and made Michael such a hatefaul angry person that he refused to play the US again. He even tried to get Michael to move to Dubai to get awya from whites and jews.

364 days ago


Sorry, I seriously doubt the jury will give her 10 billion dollars. Maybe 10 million.....

364 days ago
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