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Jermaine Jackson

The Big Winner

In MJ Trial ... Maybe

10/2/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100113_jermaine_jackson_launch_v2If Katherine Jackson wins her lawsuit against AEG ... the BIG winner isn't really Katherine or Michael's 3 kids ... more likely it's Jermaine Jackson, along with Tito, Randy and Marlon.

We got Jermaine out in Calabasas yesterday ... and we asked if Katherine provided for him in her will, but he dodged the question. 

Here's the significance.  Katherine is suing for $10 BILLION.   If the jury awards her a substantial amount of money, it would almost certainly go to her kids when she dies, and here's why --  Michael's children won't need the money for two reasons. 

First, the 3 kids are also suing, so any judgment would probably be more than enough for them to live off of.  Also, when Katherine dies, they'll pretty much get the vast fortune that has been accumulated in the MJ Estate.

The logical people who would get Katherine's money would be hubby Joe and their kids.  Katherine has been sparing in terms of what she gives Joe -- they don't live together anymore, so her kids would almost certainly be the primary beneficiaries of what she leaves behind.

As for the kids -- Janet is doing just fine, and we're told La Toya is also sitting pretty in the finance department.  So the boys would benefit the most.


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I literally live down the street and TMZ is always posting **** from my neighborhood.. I NEVER see these stars or TMZ. What the hell?? I must live under a rock or I'm just too self-involved to notice anyone.. LOL

355 days ago


What a sick story. No he, nor any of them would be winners. They'd be losers in fact, because they would not have a mother. Money wouldn't be able to buy that back.

355 days ago

Just My Opinion    

This whole family would have NOTHING if it wasn't for Michale Jackson. Now Michale is in Heaven (having it good) watching his family, and other people fighting over his money.

355 days ago


Who wrote this article? It doesn't matter how much money the kids have, Katherine can leave her money to whoever she wants in her will.

355 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Just for fun, you good folks here at TMZ when traveling on I-94 in Indiana - take the Grand Street exit, zig and zag and go to 2300 Jackson Street and see the house that Joe Jackson built. When you see in person what JOE JACKSON accomplished to get his keyids OUT of the ghetto, you attitudes will change about Joe.

Just thought I would toss that in today and give you keyids something to argue about.

Thank you

355 days ago


There is nothing good about that family.

355 days ago


Even if Katherine and Joe don't live together, Joe would still be the primary beneficiary of her estate in the event of her death. Now if Joe pre-decease Katherine, then her deadbeat children become primary. That's just the way the law is. It doesn't require a living couple to cohabitate.

355 days ago


TMZ, I wish you had a lawyer on your team.. oh wait, you do! Harvey ! Should have checked with him first before saying "they don't live together anymore, so her kids would almost certainly be the primary beneficiaries of what she leaves behind." As long as she is married to him, he can still contest the will and the spouse gets the larger pot of the estate, or waste 3/4's of the estate in probate court. C'mon now... Harvey, please school your staff on the law.

355 days ago


this family is so shameless about their excessive greed. it's because of Michael that they have anything today, and they still want more. disgusting!

355 days ago


Finally, TMZ wants to acknowledge that Janet doesn't need MIchael's money even before marrying a billionaire. Contrary to many of the slanted reports you all have made regarding Janet's finances and her supposed strong interest in receiving Michael's money. that's consistent...

355 days ago


Why does this site ALWAYS misrepresent the Jacksons?
I am not a fan of the family, but , it would be Michaels kids wh owould get the motherload.
BTW , since you love to cover them so much, why no headline regarding AEG executive slapping MJ and treating him like sh@ til the the day he died, which came out in court testimony?
Isnt that a big deal?
It is to me, but it seems big business , has Harvey by the b@lls

355 days ago


The Jacksons better lose. This case is nothing but a waste of time of the legal system. And the jurors had to waste so much of their time on a dumb case. The Jackson family is just greedy. They all sat around for decades doing nothing to help Michael Jackson. They're the ones most responsible for his death,

355 days ago


I really like Michael Jackson but this law suit really pisses me off! HE WAS a grown man and decided to take drugs. DON'T blame others for his weaknesses. They didn't kidnap him and make him do things, he had his own brain and mind. This law suit should have been thrown out of court.

355 days ago


Guess who's dying after the judgment... just saying

355 days ago


How is it that these Jacksons havent worked a day since Michael became a star and still roll around in expensive cars and jewelry. These people are all leeches. These are people that need to get a Job!!! Janet is well off on her own and wont support them. The old lady is making a stand because of all these fools she needs to support and the hundreds of kids and wife's and family members. Them kids wont have anything left when they get older. Michael clearly didn't leave them anything especially his wonderful abusive father. He must be rolling in his grave knowing all he wanted is not done. shame on Katherine. She should grieve and take care of the kids, not those overgrown parasites.

355 days ago
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