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Brooke Shields

Agassi Was Kind Of a D**k

10/3/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Andre Agassi said a pretty horrible thing to Brooke Shields in the middle of their nasty divorce back in the day ... so says Brooke, who decided it was finally time to call out her ex on live TV yesterday. 

Shields was co-hosting the "Today" show and discussing divorce with legendary disso-queen Laura Wasser -- who was plugging her new book, "It Doesn't Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself."

But when the topic turned to divorces that involve children, Shields chimed in with a shocker ... claiming Andre once told her, "Be happy we don't have children or I would not have made this easy for you."

After an uncomfortable laugh, she continued, "And therein lies why I'm not there anymore."

FYI -- Agassi and Shields divorced in 1999 after a rocky 2 years together. After they split, Agassi penned an autobiography in which he said he never should have married Brooke in the first place.

We're guessin' the feeling is mutual.



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Agassi's comment was not exactly cruel and unusual punishment. Sounds like Brooke expects her husbands to be as Aaron Paul would say her 'b.tch'.

364 days ago


She has some screws loose. She is always whining about someone in her life. He said nothing that bad. Just spoke the truth.

364 days ago


Brook, Brook, dilusional. Why bring things like that up, you're iun a loving marriage and he as well, if that's the worst he said to you, or any soon to be ex, you're a lucky lady. Idiot!

364 days ago


What does Tom Cruise have to say about this?

364 days ago

BB not bb    

I think Agassi tried to erase Brooke from his mind and I think that is why she became depressed, not from post partum depression. Maybe the baby reminded her of what she never had with him and that made her depressed. It is almost like he used her to glorify himself by marrying her. She was a big celebrity at the time and a famous model. It was probably like another trophy to him to marry her.

Then when he had to deal with her personality, he just ran away. I think he is a little coward and she shouldn't take it personally.

364 days ago


Non-News: Brook Shields has a manly unibrowed looking face. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Tennis is boring. Babies chit in diapers. Some folks get uglier with age whilst some ugly folk grow prettier. The sky is blue.

364 days ago

John Elliott    

Isn't this the second time in less then a week she is bashing someone. First Cyrus for something did the same thing. Now Andre she sounds like a bitter old women. Well I guess she is a failure with no work and get ugly with age.

364 days ago


I always wonder what the current husband thinks and feels when his wife can't seem to stop talking about her ex years after the divorce. Can't be a very warm and fuzzy feeling to see her still so emotionally wrapped up in him.

364 days ago


she's the d**k, isn't it expected that a dad would fight for his kids?
Andre has done many more things for kids and the community than she has.

364 days ago


She's the D&@K! He has dedicated his life in making the lives of children better. He supports & promotes charter schools & changes the course of countless lives, for the better. I've never heard of HER doing anything for ANYONE else. She always plays the victim. In his book, he never bad mouthed her, he just made it clear they weren't right for each other. He obviously made the right choice in choosing Stefanie. Mr Agassi is a class act.

364 days ago


Andre treated Brooke badly during the marriage, she didn't deserve that; glad the life is alot better for her now- and she is in a happy and healthy marriage..

364 days ago


The only D**K in the story is TMZ.
I don't know Andre or Brooke---and neither do 99% of the folks chiming in... but his comment was not worth name-calling. Of course he would have made if more difficult for her had they had kids. THAT MAKES SENSE. Except for the TMZ staff, half of whom are gay and won't have kids (thank GOD) and consider babies to be fetuses to be murdered when inconvenient.... so what the hell would they know about not bending over in a divorce. The only bending over they care about is... well... you know.

364 days ago

Genghis Khan    

It's a man baby!

364 days ago


Sounds like Brooke needs to move on with her life.

364 days ago


Wasn't he a drug addict at the time of their marriage? She was foolish to marry him,

364 days ago
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