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Casey Kasem

Let Us See Dad...

Or Else

10/4/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem's children have issued an ultimatum to their step-mom, Jean Kasem ... she has one more chance to let them see their ailing father ... and if she doesn't she'll lose control over his life.

The former, long-time host of "America's Top 40" is very ill with advanced Parkinson's and his kids have been trying in vain to see him for the last 3 months but they say Jean has blocked them.

So Kerri, Julie and Mike have hired a lawyer to negotiate with Jean, and here's the bottom line -- if she doesn't let them see their dad, the lawyer will go to court and ask a judge to create a conservatorship for Casey and make THEM the conservators.

They've tried everything else.  As we first reported, they staged a protest earlier this week in front of the house but Jean called the cops on them.

And apparently it's not what you think.  We're told the kids are not beneficiaries in Casey's will.  They just want to see him before it's too late.

We could not reach Jean for comment.



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Sad they should be able to see their dad

347 days ago


What a horrible woman.

347 days ago


I don't get what Jean's issue is...the kids are not in the will. All they want is to see their ailing father. Why she's such as hard a$$ is beyond me. All she has to do is open the front door-let them visit and she can leave and not stay with them. She's making a big production over something that can be civil. What a low-class piece of trash she is

347 days ago


who cares, I didn't know till this week what a sick **** he was. Married a teen bride 33 years ago like that other sick **** Lost actor who married that stodden bimbo. I have no respect for him now. This family is on crack for blaming her for not inviting them to the wedding and all the other crap they are saying, She was friggin 16 while planning the wedding he was nearly 50. She can do what she wants as far as I am concerned. She's earned it

347 days ago


Nasty c**t.

347 days ago


The lady is probably scared stiff hell change his mind and write his children back into the will or even worse, there is something shady going on with his care. Just earlier this year she sold his house for a profit of around 40 million. Now she has cut off visitation with his lifelong friends and children? Something doesn't seem right. He's suffering from advanced Parkinson's. Isolating him would make him worse not better.

347 days ago

Just Sayin     

This is horrible. How dare this woman be so cruel to this man's kids.

347 days ago


let me guess.. the bitch gets it all

346 days ago


this makes me sick.we went thru the exact same thing when my dad died...he filed for divorce from this witch only married 2 yrs..he had brain cancer...she drug him around to lawyers ended up with 5 new wills!dad was on his death brother went to court so we could see dad..bitch still wouldnt let us in so brother got a shotgun!trust me she deserved it!finally lawyer opulled up to dads house told her u dont let these kids in u go to was in a coma 3 days the minute he heard my voice he sat up in bed crying.he passed with his kids by his side..she stole a half million dollars our house my dad built.and put my handicapped sister on pblic aid!the original will had everything split 4 ways...but u know what>screw her because we were with my dad when he passed..we loved him a caseys wife better think twice before she has someone at her door with a shotgun!ps....the bitch took everything then got cancer too!ahhah karma is a bitch and she deserved it..shes rottingb in hell for what she did to everyone!so see its not that makes people so greedy...

345 days ago
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