Melanie Griffith to Govt. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED!!! (Except Obama)

10/4/2013 2:45 PM PDT

Melanie Griffith says she knows how to fix all of the problems in Washington ... FIRE ALL THE POLITICIANS ... except for Obama ... she thinks he's cool.

Griffith and her fancy black Bentley pulled up to Judy's Deli in L.A. yesterday -- so , naturally, we started talking politics ... and Mel didn't hold back.

"[The politicians] should all be fired, that’s what I think" ... adding, "You know we could all fire ALL of them."

But moments later, as she was pulling away, the actress had a slight change of heart ... rolling down her window to explain why she wants to pardon the Commander in Chief.

Check out the clip -- you buyin' what Mel's sellin'?