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Sinead to Simon


10/4/2013 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Simon Cowell
is a cold-blooded killer ... of music, at least according to Sinead O'Connor.

O'Connor appeared on The Late Late Show in Ireland, and went off on the "X Factor" judge, as well as Louis Walsh -- an entertainment manager who's a judge on the British version of "X Factor."

O'Connor goes on to explain how the industry is now all about money-worship and over-sexualizing young people.

And speaking of over-sexualizing ... she thinks Miley Cyrus has been grossly exploited ... in no small part because she's young and just doesn't get it.


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A 1 hit wonder who is now mad because no one cares about her. We see those old musicians spewing those laughable opinions all the time. Sorry child, if you were a good musician people would still care about you. "You are killing music!!!". No, kid, the industry is the same as always. If anything those talent shows give visibility to aspiring artists.

361 days ago


I agree with her

361 days ago


Elitist snobby "artist". I am so over them thinking they have so much wisdom.

Go shave yourself, beotch.

361 days ago



You have successfully been Sold, (We won't use a
"P" word here) by Social Media, Perez Hilton, TMZ, and Twitter.

If you continue down this path of riches, you will be
wealthier than Madonna, Xtina and Britney.

The amount of "Hits" will be many and you will be
"Liked" by all.

Please stop this... Sinead before it's too late.

Let The Music Do the Talking.


Time spent chatting about this

361 days ago


Yes Sinead I also can't stand that ugly Simon and I have to agree with what you say about Miley. She's rich but her head is f--ked up.

360 days ago


shes insane who is she to give miley advice she started this whole miley crap she needs to mind her own business, and let miley do what she wants, she throws punches but cant take when miley shoves them right back in her face. Grow up SINEAD!

360 days ago


Sinead O'Connor is "RIGHT ON THE MONEY"!!! The entertainment business, in general, gave up cultivating talented artists a "VERY LONG TIME AGO"!!! It's much easier to "SEX THEM UP" and "SEE WHAT STICKS"!!! It's more about producing a "MARKETABLE COMMODITY" rather than a "MEMORABLE BODY OF WORK"!!! It's way too tempting to take "SHORT CUTS" than to do the "HARD WORK" that nurturing "REAL TALENT" requires. As Billy Joel mentioned some time ago, many younger recording artists can't "READ" music and they're not expected to develop such abilities. By not becoming more "TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT" keeps them "VULNERABLE AND EXPLOITABLE"!!!

360 days ago


Are those cigarette burns on her face??

360 days ago


I liked a few things Sinead said, but she's off her rocker 1/2 the time. She's lumping Simon's productions with Miley's Sluttyness. Sorry, but while I realize some stars are at least somewhat exploited, Miley being way up in the stratosphere of whores, wasn't caused by the industry. It's due to Miley and her personal issues. You have to remember, it's that same industry that wanted her to be Hanna Mantanna as well. I think people love to exaggerate, and it would be better if they were more balanced and grounded. Seems now that Sinead has gotten a touch of publicity with Miley (I liked her letters), now she wants more and more.. not a good sign.

360 days ago


Stuck with her through the whole Pope thing, because it had substance. Her latest rants, are just that. RANTS. While she has good points, it's too much already. Stop selling yourself Sinead. It's hard to agree w/ someone who just wants to be in the limelight.

359 days ago
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