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President Obama

Redskins Name is Offensive

... I'd Probably Change It

10/5/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Congress might be shut down ... but President Barack Obama found time to dive into the debate over the Washington Redskins name -- telling a reporter he would "think about changing" the team name because it offends people.

The Prez was asked about the issues renewed controversy over the past few months ... and proclaimed nostalgia isn't a good enough reason to keep the name.

Saying if he were team owner ... there'd be serious discussion about changing it.

However, Barack doesn't think fans of the name are being racist -- they're just passionate for team history.

Obama joins a growing movement of people once again pushing for the change -- including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Name change or not ... the Redskins still suck this season.

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Linda Petrou    

Instead of worrying about the name of a football team how about worrying about our country. What kind of a moron are you that closes down memorials, cemeteries, and my favorite, the ocean?

383 days ago



383 days ago


Obama is offensive, can we change him? This guy should concentrate on bringing our country back from the ruins he has created, instead of minding the business of other countries and sports.

383 days ago


I'm all for "To the victor goes the spoils" and lets be clear the American "Indians" lost to the settlers, and were slaughtered on top of that, however its Racist. The name needs to change.

383 days ago


The Patawomeck, the Pamunkey, the Chickahominy, the Mattaponi and many Cherokee, all of whom hail from areas local to DC, want the name to stay. Snyder is supposed to cower to a tribe from New York? New York has been doing a whole lot of dictating to other states lately, on many different fronts...
Google College of William and Mary mascot and see how outsiders did the same thing there-To a school surrounded by local tribes, that was chartered, in part, to educate local natives-those local natives being supportive of the original mascot.
The only throwback group we need to get rid of are YANKEES.

383 days ago


You think with the Government shut down, our fearless leaders priorities should be on that and not the name of a football team, just because people are offended. Too bad for them. We are such a nation of namby pamby wussies and that to me is offensive. What happened to Freedom Of Speech. We are also a nation of colors and you can't change that. I have black people calling me white. I tell them I don't look like a piece of paper and am kind of beige except in the summer when I'm brown. See colors, and we all go by that description all thru our lives.

383 days ago


I think the name Barak Hussein Obama is offensive. Reminds me of Mubarak, Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden! And they are all political killers too!
Stfu Obama. You bisexual drug head.

383 days ago


I'll tell you what's really offensive: this dude's leadership skills.

383 days ago



382 days ago


I'm Native American and a Redskin fan. Its not offensive to me. Whats offensive is being called a Indian. I'm not Indian I'm a native. Carrying the tradition of some dumb white man who was lost and thought he was in India. Then to continue that. Smh thats offensive. Piss me off I might become a redskin but I sure want become no dot head... "No offensive intended"

382 days ago


Obama is a Paper Tiger.
He's never run a business,
Never had to make payroll......
And it Shows!
He favors Socialism over Capitalism,
Divides instead of Unites,
Tells lies and untruths,
Made the Poor, Poorer and the Rich Richer.
And for all of you who think or Feel this is an honorable, smart President.....

Your simply not paying attention and will pay the price 'Along' with all of us who tried to tell you.....
He is NOT 'THE ONE'.
He is, 'The Bum'

382 days ago


Good thing we don't give a **** what he thinks!!!

382 days ago


If people who claim indigenous status are offended by the word "redskin," then that is their problem. Ethnic identity within a specific community is a complex situation especially for those who are marginal from the start. As tribal groups are more and more mixed with other tribal groups, the offspring have no idea what their heritage is about, so finding "redskin" offensive is a joke. It is probably the only moniker that has any application to their mixed origins.

382 days ago


Doesn't he have better things to worry about other than a Football Team name that should be last on his priorities

382 days ago


Maybe the Little Nicky president should worry about the issues on hand instead if football. Jackass. He is a horrible president and can't wait till his dumbass is out of office.

382 days ago
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