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President Obama

Redskins Name is Offensive

... I'd Probably Change It

10/5/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Congress might be shut down ... but President Barack Obama found time to dive into the debate over the Washington Redskins name -- telling a reporter he would "think about changing" the team name because it offends people.

The Prez was asked about the issues renewed controversy over the past few months ... and proclaimed nostalgia isn't a good enough reason to keep the name.

Saying if he were team owner ... there'd be serious discussion about changing it.

However, Barack doesn't think fans of the name are being racist -- they're just passionate for team history.

Obama joins a growing movement of people once again pushing for the change -- including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Name change or not ... the Redskins still suck this season.

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Mr. President you sir should be worry about bigger things this this!! Like actually working with Republicans instead of name calling all day with your moron buddy Harry Traitor Reed! Stop acting like a total fool!!

350 days ago

devil's advocate    

It's amazing how many, so called Native Americans, there are visiting TMZ's site today. I'm surprised of all the hatred so many of them have for the Black president. I wonder how many of them who claim to have Native American blood running through their veins, are actually just racists who are upset because of the KKK rally at Gettysburg being canceled because of the govt. shutdown. If that's what they are angry about, they can blame the Tea Party Purists for that.

350 days ago


Last thing before u go to sleep tonight look in the mirror an tell the truth....repeat after me I dnt hate Obama who I really hate is myself...bet u feel better...lol

350 days ago


i think that people should just shut up about the redskins name. If people think that its racist, then why aren't they talking about the chiefs as well. There mascot is also a "red skined" indian. I mean come on. Don't talk about one if you are not going to talk about the other as well.

350 days ago


WT?! What? What did he just say??! OMGosh someone muzzle him! STHU

350 days ago


YIKIES! There's an *awful* lot of racism and hate in this thread. What's going on here? Is this a natural extension of a it being a sports thread?

350 days ago


how about the leader of the country do something about homelessness,that hurts people feelings too...t watbar

350 days ago


GREAT JOB Mr. President. If there was a team called ' White Crackers' that had white face on its logo, all these white people would be crying all over the place. 'Redskins' is racial word that is degrading the natives of this land. I am for the president in this one.

350 days ago


What does Obama know about anything? Look what he is doing to our country. Negotiations? What's that? When he actually starts being a president for the American People instead of big insurance companies/other 1%r's then maybe I'll care. Checked your new insurance rates yet? Btw, how's that 'economic recovery' going in your life?

350 days ago


the name of our president is spelled "Barack" not "Barrack". what an embarrassment of a writer.

350 days ago

some guy    

Shouldn't Obuma wait until Putin decides whether the name should be changed?

350 days ago


Obama's terrorist name offends the fluck out of me; CHANGE IT!

350 days ago


I think that people shouldn't single one team out. If they want the Redskins to change there name then why aren't people talking about the Chiefs. There mascot is a "red skined" indian. Why aren't people trying to change that? People are hypocrits and stupid if you ask me. I seriously hope that Dan snyder just laughs at people and doesn't change there name. HTTR always and forever!!!!

350 days ago


buzz off Obama you totally and completely suck!!!!

350 days ago


My mentality is not Martin its Malcolm before the pilgrimage to mecca..that can't we all just get along is a fantasy..furthermore I m black I can't be a racist my history tells me that. Carry on ppl

350 days ago
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