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10/5/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lots of wins and losses this week.  Katherine Jackson didn't get good news, neither did Khloe Kardashian ... or Miley Cyrus.  Come to think about it, no one got good news.  So we gotta ask ...


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OBAMA Wants The Best For USA But THE REPUBLiCLOWNS in CONGRESS Don't Care, OBAMACARE is Similar To THE ROMNEYCARE in MASSACHUSETTS Where Now 99.9% Of People Have Heath insurance, OBAMA Changed The Name and Made it OBAMACARE Available All Over USA But THE REPUBLiCLOWNS Are Against it, THE GOVT SHUTDOWN is a GAME For Them.............i Have a BiG FAMiLY and NONE Of Us Were BORN in USA But ALL Of Us Are USA-CiTiZENS and Some Are DEMOCRATS, Some Are REPUBLiCANS And Some Are iNDEPENDENT But NOW ALL Of Them Will VOTE For HiLLARY-C For PRESiDENT in 2016...

386 days ago


BiDEN & HiLLARY Were Running Against OBAMA in 2008 For THE USA PRESiDENCY & i Wish OBAMA Would've Chosen HiLLARY As His ViCE-PRESiDENT instead Of BiDEN But Anyways, THE GOVT SHUTDOWN is THE REPUBLiCLOWNS in CONGRESS Fault, They Think The Pain & Suffering Of Americans is a GAME Saying WE Think We'll WIN As it Was Reported On CNN Here...

386 days ago


Who's to blame

Prez O

Total Votes: 5,059 *Poll Results

386 days ago


It's ironic that people hate Congress & think they do a ****ty job yet when the opportunity comes to change the status quo at the ballot box , they keep electing the same people over and over.

386 days ago


Hey elmo...get a life...wana be buster

386 days ago


muy buena es esta pagina de farandula estare actulizandome muy seguido aqui antes lo acia en Pero Quitron Dicha Sesion.

386 days ago


Interesting how the options were throw out "the Republicans" and "the whole bunch" and yet no option for "the Democrats". Once again TMZ puts their political bias on display.

The House Republicans passed a bill to fund the entire government, less ObamaCare. Harry Reid refused to even allow a vote on it. What was he scared of? It couldn't have been the 5 Senate Dems up for reelection next year in areas that went red in the last election voting for it? Hmmmmmm.....

Guess what people, there is a reason why our government is divided into three branches with certain powers going to each one. The budget comes from the House and it is their Constitutional right to not put in anything they don't want to, regardless of whether it is the "law of the land" or not. They make the decisions on it. It was never intended that the Senate or the President could hold the America hostage until they get their way.

And who the hell is this Ted Cruz? Who does he think he is??? How dare he run on a platform and make promises that's if elected he would do certain things when he got to Congress...and then actually follow through on his promises? Did he not get the memo that it doesn't matter what you run on to get elected, once you get to DC you are suppose to fall in lockstep and just do what the power elite in Congress want you to do? Integrity has no place in DC. if it did we wouldn't have elected Obama. I hope next time the people in Texas have enough sense to elect someone that says one thing then does another. You know, sometimes you have to do certain things when you are "just trying to get elected" as President Clinton pointed out at the Robert Byrd funeral when he spoke about Byrd's affiliation with the KKK.

386 days ago


Of course on political questions, the question wasn't Who Is at Fault, Republicans or Democrats. Heaven forbid your precious Democrats be seen to be doing wrong, even when they are. They are acting like spoiled brats and using terms that are beyond bad taste. If Republicans said half the things the Dems are saying, they would be lynched, with the Dems bringing the rope with righteous indignation.

386 days ago


Who's To Blame,Congress or Prez O..... what about Democrats??
Bias much TMZ?

386 days ago


The Jackson Family members all depended on Michael Jackson for money. This case was justified! They are all very greedy people!

386 days ago


TMZ is trying to push their political views like the mainstream media and Hollyweird. I vote to throw out the democrats. Where is that option? Love that it's either Republians or The Whole Bunch. ONE SIDED!!

386 days ago


Are all of the LIKE buttons broke here??? Or is the system shutting down with Republicans trying to voice their opinions?????????????

386 days ago


The real deal is this:

Republicans have said time and time again they want to negotiate, they want to have meetings with Democrats, they want to keep important government run things funded during the shutdown.

Democrats have this immature, "If I don't get what I want, everyone has to suffer and it's not our fault" mentality. They refuse to negotiate, they refuse to fund ANYTHING during the shut down. If it means people will suffer? Who cares... "At least we're stickin it to the Republicans". Or as Reid said when asked if he would agree to fund the NIH if it meant saving one child with cancer... "Why would we want to do that?"

Republicans wanted to defund obamacare. They caved and said, "Okay, how about we just put some of this stuff off for a year and remove exemptions. If Americans have to buy into it, so should we". They caved on that and said, "okay lets fund the government and agree to come to the table in 2 weeks to discuss this". No matter how much they caved, the Democrats REFUSED to negotiate. They are so busy pea****ing, shutting WWII vets out of their memorial, closing down access to the ocean, and blaming republicans that they don't have time to actually think about the people who put them in office, do the right thing, and TALK to the republicans. Negotiation is about each side caving. not just "Give us everything we want or F' off."

The only problem is low information voters like Not Elmo are dumb enough to fall for it. And that's why we have the mess we have. They vote these pea****ers into office, they F things up... blame everyone else... and we have to be the ones to suffer.

Get rid of the lot of 'em. All the dems in congress, especially Reid, need to find new jobs and we need to get in someone who realizes they work for the people... not themselves... and get to the negotiation tables. That will reopen the government, and stop all this stupidity.

PS TMZ... why the HELL is there no "Democrat" option on this alleged survey? Biased morons.

386 days ago

el polacko    

thanks, tmz, for pointing out that most of your readers are what's known as "low-information voters". the house has been passing bill after bill to fund the government but they are all dying in harry reid's senate...and obama has pledged to veto any bill that makes it to his desk anyway. obama and the dems refuse to negotiate and yet your readers blame the republican house. unbelievable. maybe you all ned to just stick to celebrity gossip and leave the politics to the grown-ups.

386 days ago


How come there's no choice for throwing out the progessive socialists and those who support them? Of course not....Clooney might not let you interview him anymore! Azz hats....

386 days ago
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