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Howie Long

Gov't Shutdown RUINING Football

For Our Troops

10/6/2013 11:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Football legend Howie Long has a message for our government -- GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER SO TROOPS CAN WATCH SOME NFL FOOTBALL!!

Long says ... due to the standoff in D.C., the Armed Forces network can't operate at full speed --which means no NFL for our soldiers.

The NFL Hall of Famer issued a pretty heartfelt statement about the situation during Sunday's NFL broadcast on FOX ... explaining how NFL broadcasts help our men and women in uniform:

"These games bring a welcome piece of home and a much deserved respite from the dangerous work [the troops] do protecting our liberty."

Long finishes up saying "regardless of politics" ... the whole "NFL on FOX" team wants the shutdown to end soon.

Don't we all.

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How about giving those soldiers their combat pay? They're all getting ONLY base pay; not much more than McDonald's employees currently getting.

So this whole, "our troops are getting paid" leaves out the HUGE fact that none of them are receiving any combat pay, flight pay, family separation pay, special duty pay, ect.

Howie's great, but let's not forget what REALLY is concerning the troops; their families welfare back home!

346 days ago


These greedy, greedy politicians may want to stop and think where they would be without the protection of the military.

346 days ago


I think if all the football fans could text & donate $5 to get the troops access to their football again, they'd be fully funded in under an hour!! It is literally the least we as Americans could do for our troops since our gov't apparently doesn't give a crap about their morale!

346 days ago


Anyone that really thinks they could not be showing sports to overseas troops during the shutdown is a moron. It's politics- losers.

346 days ago


"...and a much deserved respite from the dangerous work [the troops] do protecting our liberty" OUR LIBERTY HAS NEVER BEEN IN JEOPARDY...NO ONE INVADED US

346 days ago


Tell Obama and the Democrats. They are the ones that can't put a budget together.

346 days ago


Yeah im currently in Afghanistan and yes its true due to shut down we can not watch football and it sucks cause thats all we have to look forward to on our down time. Thanks for your support ladies and gents GO COWBOYS!!!!

346 days ago


This is another part of Obama's plan to make it painful for the American people. With 83% of the government still running, there should be football, and there should be no reason to close open-air monuments. His attempts to close the OCEAN are, of course, stupid. People want to lay this at the feet of the Repubs, but we've never had any of these things happen during gov shut downs before. It's only under THIS president that these things have come to pass.
Park rangers have come forward and stated to the Washington newspapers that the closure of open monuments was ordered by B.O. himself, and that they have been told to make things as difficult for the people as possible.

346 days ago


Obama made sure his golf course at Andrew's Air Force base wasn't shut. Yeah..."fairness" or something...douche.

346 days ago


Maybe Long should write his republican rep. & complain to the source.

346 days ago


Well Obama's WH wanted to "make life as difficult for people as we can" which explains closing memorials, trying to close beaches in Florida and now our soldiers. This WH is so desperate to close things that we want the most and yet he sends guards and order barricades which cost just as much or more than keeping things open. Hope America opens their eyes and sees this is not a president, this is a dictator who is willing to damage the country for his own political powers. Closing the gov't is nothing new, but refusing to negotiate and work things out is and causing pain to Americans is new. Clinton never did this and actually worked to end stalemates, this one refuses. AND during Clinton's gov't shutdown, he never once ordered public memorials closed and threatened to arrest 80/90 year old WWII vets!

346 days ago


Send a soldier your paycheck, Howie. They need that alot more than your face reporting on a football game.

346 days ago


currently in afghanistan and yes its true we have no AFN sports it sucks its a gut punch i have to be on espn.com to read the latest NFL. Go COWBOYS!!! thanks for your supports ladies and gents

346 days ago


I wish our president was out to lessen the pain and not turn the screws for political gain. It was his decision to close the White House for tours and it is now his orders that close open air memorials, private businesses, football to the troops, etc. Clinton wasn't a vindictive leader. What's Obama's problem? Whether a Dem or Rep, I would hope our leaders would be for lessening the pain/impact when it can be done.

346 days ago


Yeah and Obama was such a real president he would give in on this obamacare policy until a later time. He is the one shutting governtment down. He is the one who is playing defense. Cut the crap obama. It's more like he wants this situation to get so grave so that he can finalize the takeover plan of NWO. Putin is coming over folks. Get used to it! AmeriKa is sold out. There are little troops. And the big plan is that citizens will get so desperate for work that they will sign up for military duty without being drafted. This is all in the books my friends. Get your **** together the world is in it's final phase. Fact.

346 days ago
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