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Katherine Jackson


Jermaine Bought that Ferrari!

10/7/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson feels like SHE'S been taken for a ride ... by her debt-plagued son Jermaine, who plunked down a huge amount of cash on a Ferrari ... sources close to the Jacksons tell TMZ.

As we reported ... Jermaine spent more than $160,000 on a Ferrari smack in the middle of jury deliberations in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial -- perhaps banking on the fact that his mom would come into a boatload of cash.

We're told Katherine is livid because she has recently bailed him out of debt.  We're told Jermaine's baby mama Alejandra came to him for rent but he didn't have the cash, so Katherine anted up.   She feels it's totally irresponsible of Jermaine to spend $70,000 for the car (he got around $90k for the Rolls he traded in) when he can't pay his bills or his child support.

What's more ... we're told Katherine is griping that she was talked into filing the wrongful death lawsuit by Jermaine and Randy, and she's experiencing a pretty severe case of buyer's remorse.



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This story is stupid! Who is telling TMZ these things? The same sources that said that Janet wanted the MJ estate to pay her mortgage? Taj, TJ, Jackie, and other Jacksons are being paid by the estate, I don't see the big deal if Jermaine is too. If one gets paid, then pay all, but no one should get anything but Katherine and the kids.

382 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

How does this old bytch expect Jermaine to pick up whores and prostitutes? He certainly isn't going to do it on his own- How is this piece of shyte going to continue to impregnate women without a fancy car and flashy clothes? C'mon Katherine, how are any of your sons going to make more bastard kids without lots of cash money?

382 days ago


Can you find a better example of a "Dysfunctional Family"?

382 days ago


That photo of Katherine makes her look like a deranged orangutan.

382 days ago


He doesn't pay his child support, but he buys a Ferrari? What a creep.

382 days ago


She needs to cut the crap. If she is that senile and gullible, then somebody needs to snatch her pen right now. She knew Jermaine & a few others have been useless for years. This is nothing new. She needs to let her adult azz kids take their consequences and finance their own lives and mistakes. As far is $$$, donate to music education scholarships in MJ's name to deserving music teachers who are the first line in most aspiring talented kids. They deserve more than her lazy azz family!!!!

382 days ago


Katherine should be happy she didn't win the lawsuit...I have the feeling she would have had an unfortunate "accident" soon after she got the $.

382 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I wonder how it feels to have raised a dead at 50 drug addict and several free-loading sons? She and Joe must be SO proud!

382 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Jerwelcome, Jermajesty.

Weirdest group of weirdos living in or near Hollyweird, and that's really saying something.

382 days ago

I Was About To Say    

I'm sick of people saying "oh poor her, she's 83 and she's being talked into things" BS, this woman knows what she is doing, she is not senile. She fooled Michael into thinking she was a saint and when he dies she exploits the kids immediately on NOprah and takes them to Gary Indiana an makes them sign autographs and Michael would have been PISSED at that. This woman knows EXACTLY what she was doing with this lawsuit, only thing she is mad at is that Jermaine proved to the rest of the world WHO that money was REALLY suppose to be for.

382 days ago


A Jackson's a Jackson's a Jackson...

382 days ago

I Was About To Say    

No wonder Michael distanced himself from them! And since Michael died, Jermaine is wearing the same style of clothes as Michael (or tryin to but it doesn't work for him) and he is singing a lot of Michael's own songs (or trying to but he can't sing) any thing to cash in off his brother. WHY DOESN'T HE WEAR SHIRTS THAT FIT, HATE SEEING HIS MAN BOOBZ! PUKE!

382 days ago


What an F'ck*d up..... Family?
They don't 'care' about each other. All they care about is where the next Benjamin $$ is coming from.
Weather it be from their dead, pedophile, King of Pop brother or, their old mother that only has what her son left, or from the mouths of their wives and children, these 'HAS BEEN'S' are an
EMBARRASSMENT' to the Jackson name and need to GO AWAY!

382 days ago


First, Katherine, if you didn't want to file the lawsuit then you couldn't have been talked into it. Michael's children have plenty of money to live on. Second, why should he pay his baby's mother's rent. Unless it is part of the child support decree, he is not responsible. That being said, I understand why he would. If he isn't paying child support then the mother of his children should take him to court. Katherine, while it is hard to say NO to your children, time to start.

382 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Gee, Joe's been really quiet these days.

382 days ago
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