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Katherine Jackson


Jermaine Bought that Ferrari!

10/7/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson feels like SHE'S been taken for a ride ... by her debt-plagued son Jermaine, who plunked down a huge amount of cash on a Ferrari ... sources close to the Jacksons tell TMZ.

As we reported ... Jermaine spent more than $160,000 on a Ferrari smack in the middle of jury deliberations in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial -- perhaps banking on the fact that his mom would come into a boatload of cash.

We're told Katherine is livid because she has recently bailed him out of debt.  We're told Jermaine's baby mama Alejandra came to him for rent but he didn't have the cash, so Katherine anted up.   She feels it's totally irresponsible of Jermaine to spend $70,000 for the car (he got around $90k for the Rolls he traded in) when he can't pay his bills or his child support.

What's more ... we're told Katherine is griping that she was talked into filing the wrongful death lawsuit by Jermaine and Randy, and she's experiencing a pretty severe case of buyer's remorse.



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I am sure the attorney fees were quite substantial on top of that new Ferrari. I am sure she is lamenting bringing the suit because it took some of her operating cash and fettered it away.

379 days ago


Such a bizarre family

379 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Bizarre only if you believe everything you read on the internet.

379 days ago


All she's gotta do is tell the deadbeat "no."

379 days ago


what a bunch of money grubbers

379 days ago


She may as well go ahead and try to spend it all, because what she can't spend will go to MJ's 3 kids.

379 days ago

david 183    

Rich people problems. How much money has the Jackson estate made since his death ?

379 days ago


If this story is true.................Mrs. Jackson STOP bailing his as____s out! The next time Alejandra take his a___ss to court, don't intervene!

379 days ago


Jermaine can't even make his child support payments and he is buying a Ferrari. OK this is why the family wanted to sue everyone connected to Michael Jackson so all the brothers will have money. Time for them to get a real job and work 9-5 like everyone else. Time for all of the brothers to take responsibility for paying support to their children.

379 days ago


and now she knows the main reason they had her file the suit in the first place for the money . that they could continue to be free loaders off of . too bad she can demand Jermain take back the car and use the money he spent to start paying his bills. and child support. or better get a job himself at long last.

379 days ago


WHYYYYYYYY is she paying this big man's child support???? WHY??????? She's giving him bad habits. No wonder he went out and bought this car. He knows she'll bail him out! Omg! What a nasty, selfish creep. He doesn't care about his mother nor his children #Disgusted

379 days ago


She's not exactly new to parenting. Does she not yet understand that he does things like this because she bails him out? It was her job to raise him to be a self sufficient adult. Part of that includes allowing him to learn sometimes painful lessons. It's hard to see your children go through difficulties but bailing them out doesn't prevent that. It simply puts it off until you're no longer around. By bailing out her sons, Kathrine is doing nothing but saving herself the pain of seeing them struggle because once she's gone they'll certainly struggle to manage their finances.

379 days ago


Argh!!! Katherine is too nice. She needs to Leave him to fend for himself. Most moochers would eventually stop mooching when their is nobody to mooch from. Jermaine makes me sick. He has like 6 kids and he doesn't even pay child support all his kids used to live in katherines house because he doesn't want to get them a place. what a loser. Hope katherine doesn't bail him out anymore. I know that's her son and a mother would always want to bail their kids out but arghh. he is just s***.

379 days ago


What's pathetic is his fanatics think they deserve special treatment for loving him, like he was poor little Peter Pan who did nothing dangerous to hurt his kids. I didn't know that tellling your kids to hand Murray money for his loyalty & "milk" was good.
Lies don't make someone a better person.

378 days ago


Where's the father ? The Jackson boys need a TWO PARENT HOME. Katherine Had a STRONG HUSBAND

378 days ago
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