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Katherine Jackson


Jermaine Bought that Ferrari!

10/7/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson feels like SHE'S been taken for a ride ... by her debt-plagued son Jermaine, who plunked down a huge amount of cash on a Ferrari ... sources close to the Jacksons tell TMZ.

As we reported ... Jermaine spent more than $160,000 on a Ferrari smack in the middle of jury deliberations in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial -- perhaps banking on the fact that his mom would come into a boatload of cash.

We're told Katherine is livid because she has recently bailed him out of debt.  We're told Jermaine's baby mama Alejandra came to him for rent but he didn't have the cash, so Katherine anted up.   She feels it's totally irresponsible of Jermaine to spend $70,000 for the car (he got around $90k for the Rolls he traded in) when he can't pay his bills or his child support.

What's more ... we're told Katherine is griping that she was talked into filing the wrongful death lawsuit by Jermaine and Randy, and she's experiencing a pretty severe case of buyer's remorse.



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Only unemployed GRIFTERS buy 4 year old used Ferraris. The real millionaire who traded this old car in is probably thinking, "One man's trash is an unemployed GRIFTER'S treasure".

383 days ago

Flight Medic    

And now she's understanding WHY they asked her to file this suit. Hard to get off the gravy train?

383 days ago

All Heart    

Hey, Katherine, you don't get to be the boss of your adult children ... no matter how much you want to.

Just be glad he didn't buy a whole bunch of animals and put them on a ranch with a funny name.

383 days ago


Good thing they didn't get a cent in the lawsuit. Just think of what he would have wasted those billions on.

383 days ago


What does she expect??? Jermaine and Randy are the biggest idiots of this family! Talking sh$t about stuff they have no clue about, spending money that doesn't belong to them, and making kids with women they should stay clear from! I am convinced the money for this car came from his wife Halima, she and her family are filthy rich. He cheats on her whenever he travels, and she knows! This family, all of them, have some weird "values". Money and cars before kids and wives. And yet pretending to be oh so good. Makes me sick!

383 days ago

eric reza    

a ferrari is a necessity

383 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Should have just moved in with biebs and borrowed his. He's looking for more room 'mates'

383 days ago


Get over it Mom. You raised a 58 year old baby-man.

383 days ago

Wow ...    

Priorities right Jermaine? Something to be proud of, living off of his Mother and brother who passed away.

383 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Senile old fart wants to hang onto every cent that her pedophile pervert son ever made. Now her deadbeat kids will try any and everything to latch onto that gravy train.
BTW TMZ, whatever happened to that white girl that Michael Jackson laughingly called his daughter? I guess they have her locked up really good. Now that they tucked her away in some asylum I bet his other two, totally bought and paid for kids are keeping their mouths shut. Never can tell when the Jackson clan will find another Dr. Murray for the two boys.

383 days ago


And they put his kids thru a trial over squat!!! His poor daughter, so glad not to see her in these tmz reports

383 days ago


The only microphone Jermaine Jackson should be working is the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.

383 days ago


I'm sick to death of this family. There was one really talented son, one reasonably talented daughter and the rest are just leeches, sucking off the MJ teat for life, each member more dysfunctional than the last.

I exclude MJ's kids from that, of course; they deserve every good thing that will come their way.

383 days ago


Reel it it, Jermaine... you ain't no TITO !

383 days ago


Makes me feel normal!

383 days ago
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