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Katherine Jackson

No Regrets For Suing

Over Michael's Death

10/7/2013 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has no regrets for suing AEG over Michael Jackson's death -- despite our sources who say she's having buyer's remorse -- her attorney tells TMZ.

A source close to Katherine bristled at our post, telling us, “Any reports that Katherine Jackson is feeling remorse for filing the wrongful death lawsuit are completely untrue.  Mrs. Jackson feels the lawsuit is very important, and that so far it has proven that AEG did in fact hire Dr. Murray."

As we reported, our sources say Katherine felt pressured by Jermaine and Randy to file the case in the first place.

Katherine's lawyer says, "The lawsuit has also confirmed that Michael Jackson was an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, and human being. [Katherine] hopes that the lawsuit will change the way that entertainment companies treat their talent."

Fact is ... even though MJ was arguably pushed to the limit, the jury didn't feel AEG did anything wrong.



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Ivan in Phoenix    

Note to Katherine: Tell ur dead beat sons to get jobs!

383 days ago

Black Adam    

Five months just to prove that you were wasting your time?

383 days ago


Jermaine must be pushing 70 now. What on earth does he need a Ferrari for? He probably has glaucoma, arthritis and a pacemaker which qualify him for a placard.

383 days ago


The whole bunch of them are noting but greedy, pathetic people with at least one PEDOPHILE thrown in. I don't think any of them really cared for Michael, just his money. Sadly the same goes on with his kids, when the Jackson's look at them they see 3 walking and talking Dollar sign's LOL.

382 days ago

Kev the Realist    

He was a strange, wealthy, DRUG ADDICT. Wake up and face the facts. He was another odd celebrity whose money let him do what he whatever he wanted and he made the decisions that eventually killed him. BOO HOO get over it. For years his family did nothing but sponge off him and then when the mealticket dies, they are all devastated....

382 days ago


There was no shocking new dirty laundry about him in court.


Gayfor, I agree with most what you say about the wacko except this one here. I found it rather shocking that the trial revealed MJ had a rotten broil filled ass that the skin there was harder than that of an elephant and almost broke a needle during a drug injection. And more shockingly, the rabids find him sexy and went nuts for a glimpse of the outline of his ever so small diick as per Scott Thorson.

Waht do you call this child molester's diick? a rotten spotted baby geoyduck that is too fishy smelly to get near.

382 days ago


DUMB troll Karen Faye laughed when AEG lawyers asked her if a background check was performed on her. Bitch was a failed make-up artist and she admitted she never helped him when he was a boy lover & drug addict.
Her priority was to apologize for Jacko's freak crimes and she loved the money from the pedophile transvestite. No normal man dressed up like a pedophile white girl and slept with boys and talked to boys about whores, masturbation and sex. Frank Cascio admitted Jacko discussed Madonna's whore life with the boys.
Jacko never fell in love with any woman. He wanted to become Elizabeth Taylor.

382 days ago


sad that she has to support grown up children and she has to raise grand children at her age. she was probably hopeing to get money to support those adult children of hers who can't seem to support themselves and their children... GIVE YOUR MOTHER A BREAK IF YOUR READING THIS!

382 days ago


He knew he tricked stupid gay fanboys and evil ugly fangirls. Mostly people who enjoyed nurturing a mentally-handicapped, deeply flawed, arrogant, washed-up paranoid idiot savant.
If the singer was more intelligent & addicted to drugs, they wouldn't have pitied him & lied for him so much.
If you look at his behavior, he was normal in the 1980-1982 era, then he became very feminine & serious about wearing red lipstick & taking drugs only during anxiety attacks.
He rarely spoke to strange black girls or Emmanuel Lewis in the 1990s. Lewis' parents finally realized he was using their son to feel childlike & powerful..

Debbie was a fangirl. She only met Paris because Jacko destroyed himself and Paris was suicidal.
Seems like 2 fangirls with their heads up their own asses. Not mother & daughter.
Prince can't care less and argued viciously with Paris about the 2 fangirls.

so he lied non-stop that he had 2 nose surgeries, never had skin color depigment cream all over his room and never got sycophant doctors and "fake friends and wives" to allow him to abuse drugs/Propofol.

A bodyguard testified that Jacko collapsed on the floor and the kids had to call for ambulance.
The bodyguard saved him with CPR.
Before that 2001 incident, Jacko had pill bottles all over in the London hotel and his bodyguard thought he'd die.
Probably so drugged up, he dangled the 3 kids above the balcony in 2002.
Debbie even let him dangle Prince out the window twice in 1997.
There are videos of it on youtube.

He also stopped breathing in another face injection procedure in 2003.

He did not tell Arnold Klein & the anesthetist that he had sleep apnea and an anti-drug implant in his belly to avoid drug addiction. He admitted he had ongoing drug addictions, so the fanatics can keep denying reality for their own sanity.

Jacko had a bad reaction to Demerol in the procedure because
Of course, his security guard lied that he fought so hard to stay drug-free.

He gave gifts to his doctor's children to manipulate them for medication.

Debbie Rowe confessed that she'd never let Jacko near the children if she cared about them and accepted her role in letting the so--called doctor friend Metzger & plastic surgeons do what Jacko wanted with Propofol and Demerol.
She testified that "his nose was scarred to the point where he couldn't breathe.

He looked for an excuse to inject "a steroid". in the nose to get rid of "pain".

Surgeon.Hoefflin lied to him that he injected steroid in his nose.
Remember, Katherine told Oprah that she begged a plastic surgeon to stop cutting up his nose.

382 days ago


Greedy grandma didn't care what came out about Michael. She just wanted that money so her worthless kids could have a lot of money to live on after she died.

382 days ago

Saints fan    

No regret now, but wait till she gets the bill for the attorneys fees......

382 days ago


AEG did not want to have murray on their payroll. They told MJ it was a waste of money and they would provide a good doc in London. MJ insisted on having his own doc so he could continue his nonsense. AEG reluctently aggreed but never signed a contract with the quack. How could the jury find that they hired the quack when the contract was never officially signed . stupid jury.

382 days ago


Her son's will always be on the look-out for money. They don't care.

382 days ago


Ms. Jackson, her attorneys and her greedy children as well as her greedy grandchildren lost big time. And they know it. We all know she is just trying to save face. Her attorneys are out of a lot of money. Let's see if Ms. Jackson is willing to compensate these lawyers for all they have done.

382 days ago


The only thing that: Ms. Jackson, Joe Jackson, the Jackson brothers and sisters, her grandchildren and great grandchildren proved, was that Michael Jackson was an addict. They all threw Michael's kids under the bus because they got nothing in the will. Ms. Jackson wanted to leave her tribe something after her death. They all lost big time. Now they can go away forever. This family has become an even bigger joke than Michael was. Go away Jackson family!!!!

382 days ago
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