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Lamar Odom

Signs Point to Crack Binge

During Phone Call with Khloe on Reality Show

10/7/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Crack undertones on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" last night ... when Khloe took a bizarre phone call from a confused Lamar Odom ... and couldn't deny that something was clearly wrong.

During the scene, Lamar demands to know Khloe's location -- because he was told she was at another location doing something wrong.

But Khloe shoots back -- saying, "You keep calling me at my mom's [house] so you know where I am."

Khloe, clearly annoyed with Lamar, says he's not being "logical" -- and then starts making excuses for him ... saying he seems "tired."

At one point, Khloe tells Lamar ... "Listen, you're buggin' just a little bit."

It's unclear when the scene was shot -- but as we previously reported, Lamar's been struggling with crack for a while ... going out of his mind on multiple binges.



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If this is true, Khloe is not helping him. I know she thinks she is the brave and protective wife standing by her man but she is enabling him. She should tell him she is divorcing him unless he goes into treatment. He either will or he won't. She is being a fool to stay with him, hoping he'll see the light.

383 days ago


Ahhh, editing,,, its a marvelous thing isn't it. You know that K-Clan.. have to make themselves look good.. Nothing can be their fault!

383 days ago


Harvey have you lost your Mind Believing a Phone Call that was Scripted for Reality TV

383 days ago


oh wow seriously this family has no shame

383 days ago


I am raising funds to rent a bus and get Ryan Seacrest to stuff this family (and their botox, hair extensions, sex tapes & their ugly offspring) into it and he can drive them off the face of the earth.

383 days ago


BS!!! This was so staged!!! Aren't the calls usually put on speaker so the audience can hear both sides of the conversation? Hasn't it been proven that they tape scenes after the fact. Just get a divorce already. Stop dragging this sh!t on.

383 days ago


A family of greedy,FAKE,PIGS,That wouldn't know reality unless they were in a plane crash.We can only hope.

383 days ago


Never seen the show, just know that the once smok'n hot Bruce Jenner got caught up in his fame, divorced his wife and hooked up with the Karda$hian$ clan. He then drank the Hollywood kool-aid and toally f-ed him over with plastic surgery and now looks like a old, ugly transgender clown.
- Then there was that developmentally dealyed, dufus Kris Humphries and Kim and his later Kim look-alike pscho bitch he hooked up with afterwards.
- Then Loony Tones Kanye West and Kim (enough said)
- Then there's the persistent divorce rumors of Bruce and Kris (NOBODY cares)
- Now it's the alleged crack exploits of Lamar Odom drama whose bloodsucking family is freaking out about him cutting off the money to their ghetto, lazy ass. Khloe is exploiting the whole nonsense for it's worth and TMZ is right there fueling the plot line with their "inside sources".
I don't feel sorry for Lamar. He's an idiot that just happened to play basketball well. If he wasn't doing that his ugly ass would be in prison and have sired a bevy of equally ugly useless ghetto drones for the taxpayers to finance their life of leisure.

383 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This ugly assed b!tch needs to STHU and keep her business private.

383 days ago


Did u know the Kadashian's middle names begin w/ a K too? That's right...Kris is in the KKK. Don't let those black boys getting into the family fool ya.

383 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Kris Jenner is a goon.... She made sure this was part of her goofy show.

383 days ago


Completely staged. Wonder how many takes they had too do for Khloe to get her lines right. Kylie sure is an odd looking girl. Just WTF?

383 days ago


Is Harvey and Executive Producer of the show?? This is sooo "stay tuned for the next episode of..." and all the Lamar coverage is the marketing campaign. It's so transparent. Just move on already!

383 days ago


Kris is editing the show to make it appear Lamar is distanced from the family and Khloe is trying to help him. It's so phony it's ridiculous. No wonder the ratings are tanking.

383 days ago


So Khloe claims to love Lamar, but she is right out there in front of the massive smear campaign. Anybody with two brain cells knows they reshot this episode to make her look like an angel and Lamar like the devil.

383 days ago
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