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Khloe Kardashian

If I File for Divorce

He'll OD or Kill Himself

10/7/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian has taken NO steps to divorce Lamar Odom ... because she's afraid he'll die or kill himself if she does ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ... barring a miracle, Khloe thinks divorce is "inevitable."  But she's afraid if she files, Lamar will overdose and die or be pushed over the edge and commit suicide.

Our sources say Khloe has put her life on hold, and at some point she has to take care of herself.

Khloe, we're told, is just too afraid to pull the trigger.  So for now, no divorce papers have been drawn up and there's no plan for that to happen in the immediate future.



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For all the people talking sh*t, if he wanted to leave then he would, he could easily file for divorce, you all talk all this sh*t now but the minute he does something to himself you all will be blaming her and her family.

191 days ago


Tell the cops that he said he will kill himself if she files and they will place him under a 72 hr hold to be evaluated by docs. If they say he is of sound mind then she has nothing to worry about and if they find something then they will make him stay and she wins that way too. Should I bill for this ?

191 days ago


Khloe - you can't let him control you like this. No matter if he threatens to kill himself or not, you are not responsible. Lamar wants to have everything his way. He wants to be able to drink and drug, have sex with other women and come back to you when he feels like it. Sounds like a wonderful life for him. It's not a life for you, however.

191 days ago


yeah khloe he LOVES you so much he would do that eh? was he loving you with those strippers??? stop trying to play a victim, he dont care about you, after stripper #12 ....

191 days ago


Lamar has kids who supposed to look up to him and be a good example for them. Parents actions affect the kids, too. I hope Lamar isn't forgetting that. Killing himself over her would be nonsense.

191 days ago


funny how KIM was seen out and about in Paris last week but has gone back into hiding since her return to LA.

191 days ago


Hey, where's NORF? Still no proof it actually exists - just 2 pic. 1st one was that of a toddler and 2nd was that of child wrapped like a mummy

191 days ago


I don't know who's more in denial...Khloe or Lamar! He's been using drugs since 2001 (so I read). If he hasn't gotten his act together by now...he never will.

191 days ago


Go to Al-Anon. Nothing you do, or don't do, will change his behavior. It's not your job to keep him sober. He could OD or kill himself even if you don't divorce him. You're less powerful than you think. Save yourself.

191 days ago


Every relationship has its problems no matter who you are. I think if she is toughing it out and standing by the man she loves, it shows a lot about her true character... I hope he pulls through this for his kids. I've lost a parent to suicide and sadly drugs can lead to just that. Good luck khloe and Lamar.

191 days ago


Khloe is not allowed to file until her 10% Mom-Manager gives her the Green Light. The same goes for Bruce/Kris J filing for a divorce. It's all about protecting "The Brand" and trying to keep the TV Show afloat until the E! contract ends in 2015.

191 days ago


The only thing Lamar would be OD'ing from is too much fun & partying once he loses the extra Chewie weight (and it's A LOT)

191 days ago


NO ONE believes this, not even YOURSELF KHLOE
He did fine without you and he's already left you in a CRUEL WAY and your the one that is reflecting these fears. He has his high school sweetheart and children he can return to. Don't HALLUCINATE into thinking he ever loved you that much and can't bear to lose you because he left you and never gave you what you were demanding. So shut up and stop being so CO-DEPENDENT on a no good cheater that cares only about himself, NOT YOU, NOT HIS CHILDREN, NOT HIS TEAM, NOT HIS FATHER, only about himself and lower instincts.

191 days ago


Wow Khloe and Kimmy have really bad skin.

191 days ago


Odom is probably laughing his ass off on this one.

Khole is royally pissed off be cause he dumped her first.

And they wonder why he dumped her. The man is tired of being the kardashian puppet klown and scapegoat for everything they are screwing up themselves.

191 days ago
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