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Simon Cowell


On Bev Hills Mansion

10/7/2013 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's Simon Cowell's 54th bday today ... and he's marking the occasion by cleaning the TOILET PAPER off his Beverly Hills mansion.

So, who would have the balls to TP Simon's pad? How 'bout a group of 5 girls.

Sources tell TMZ ... the culprits are the ladies from Fifth Harmony, the girl band Simon signed to a record deal after they performed on "X Factor" last season.

Besides the ass paper, the gals also hung a banner that reads, "Happy 87th Birthday Simon!"

With friends like these ...


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384 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Yeah, their career took off like a rocket. I haven't seen such buzz about a group since Danity Kane broke up. After the photo op for TMZ they probably cleaned the mess they up real fast - don't want Simon home to see this.
BTW, I guess that slut he knocked up is home taking care of her son . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha. I would imagine that Simon is really having second thoughts about that whole unmarried with children thing.

384 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

BTW TMZ, since when did hanging a total of 30 feet of toilet paper by the front gate and putting up a professionally made sign constitute a TOILET PAPER ATTACK>?
Are you TMZ people really so desperate for stories that this is now your idea of an Exclusive!!!!?

384 days ago


Well since he is a POS for boinking a friend's wife and knocking her up to boot, I guess this is very appropriate after all.

384 days ago


I believe it was meant to be a nice gesture. He is old an old ape with sunglasses and a white t-shirt. :)

384 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I truthfully had never heard of this group before. I figured if I was going to insult them that I should at least find out a little about them. I went to their write-up on Wikipedia, which reads like it was written by their publicist. Even He/She can't cover up the fact that they are a nothing group going nowhere. Here is where this female Super Group has been performing of late:
Throughout the months of July and August 2013, Fifth Harmony performed at shopping malls across the United States in a tour titled "Harmonize America" .[40] On August 5, 2013 the girl group celebrated their one year anniversary by performing 5 shows in New York City. The pop-up concerts throughout the city included performances at the iHeartRadio Theater and Madison Square Park.
Yeah, they are on a triumphant US tour of Shopping Malls and going to random places in NYC where they lip sync their "latest hits" while they are being played on a Ghetto Blaster with the volume knob set to 10.
That toilet paper could just have well have been used on their career.

384 days ago


Hahaha they are so funny!! And so talented!! I love 5H, from Venezuela!!

384 days ago


This would be a good prank if Simon would actually clean it up himself, but some poor member of his staff is going to have to spend his day doing that.

384 days ago


Simon Cowell must've had it written in Demi Lovato's contract that she must go on tour with all the X Factor flops struggling to sell singles and albums. Simon Cowell threw away $5 million to Melanie Amaro because where the bleep is she? As for Fifth Harmony, are they even in school? They've been on tour after tour and doing massive promotion. and another tour all of early next year. Are Fifth Harmony High School DROP OUTS?? At least Demi finished H.S.

384 days ago


They're coming out with an EP "Better Together" on October 22nd. Pre-order on itunes for $4.74. :)

384 days ago


Who cares? they aren't anything

384 days ago


Trees died for this

384 days ago


UU Simon Cowell Boobs ° °

384 days ago


Considering that none of the girls were even in town or were flying into LA this early morning, I doubt they actually did this. It's sounds more like a cheap publicity stunt for the girls. Which is fine. They are pretty talented. If only they would just stop with the bubble gum pop crap because that market will only be filled by talentless boy bands or Bieber clones.

384 days ago


real nice way of saying thanks for helping our career get to the next phase. by the girls doing that to Simons pad hope they were just trying to be funny and ment it as a prank.

384 days ago
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