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Jermaine Jackson

Proud Ferrari Owner

Wages Garnished for Child Support

10/8/2013 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The very day Jermaine Jackson became the owner of a $160,000, 2009 Ferrari California ... he had his wages garnished because he was behind on his child support ... TMZ has learned.

According to official documents ... Jermaine's baby mama, Alejandra Jackson, obtained an order which allowed the government to withhold $3,750 from his wages. 

Alejandra -- who has had recurring problems getting child support from Jermaine -- got the order after he fell behind.  The breakdown of the $3,750 -- $3,000 for monthly support, and $750 for past due.

The garnishment order allows the government to garnish future wages as well to cover the $3,000 a month. 

As we first reported ... Katherine Jackson is pissed off at Jermaine for dropping $70k in cash (he traded in his Rolls-Royce for $90k) when he couldn't pay his bills.



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Wages from what?

380 days ago


I'm not saying what Jermaine is doing is right, but this Alejandra woman has 2 children by Jermaine Jackson and 2 children by Randy Jackson... what kind of woman sleeps with brothers and bares children by them both? A gold-digging woman... she's sick. Jermaine is a low life dead beat, but she is no better in my book.

380 days ago


Trashy family.
Jermaine is such a fine Muslim!

380 days ago

Tommy Karate    

LOL, what "wages?" Wages implies that he actually gets paid money for working - clearly not the case.

380 days ago


He is a piece of crap!

380 days ago


Jermaine Jackson is a deadbeat pig.

380 days ago


Jermaine is trash, has been for years. Michael kept his brothers funded for quite awhile. Janet and Latoya are good. They worked and supported themselves. Katherine is a sweet lady. She should kick all the moochers in her life to the curb, even if they are her sons. They are grown men who should be supporting themselves and their families, not mooching off of Michael's estate and their mom..

380 days ago


what wages? His allowance from MOMMY?

380 days ago


complete douch bag !!!

380 days ago

mj fan forever    

"Future wages" they intend his pathetic attempts to exploit Michael Jackson's name through scam-fakes-non-authorized-tributes and book-trash and whatever else he and his family of leeches try to set up for more money, besides grabbing money from children's allowance which Katherine made sure to manage. Leeches.

380 days ago


Good luck with that one lady. I didn't know he even had a job to garnish wages from. My bad. They are all losers. Jermaine and Randy the biggest of them all. That is why Michael left them not one red dime.

380 days ago


how much does it cost to make his hair like that?

380 days ago


Just like most Jacksons,
Spend, Spend, Spend......
Borrow, Borrow, Borrow.....
Michael will you pay for.......
Oh yea... he's dead.
Where can we get money then???

380 days ago


Jermaine has been pulling this $hit for YEARS with his babies' mommas. He's a total deadbeat slimebag!

380 days ago


That guy is shameless. What does he care if they garnish his "wages", he got what he wanted.
They can take whatever they want from WHEN he "works" because he'll just go and hit his mother up for more money (Why the hell was that woman granted anything is a mystery to me.)
THEN, no sooner than the ink had dried on the family's failed attempt to siphoned money from the production outfit--HE TAKES POSSESSION OF A FERRARI, apparently previously arranged. It's obvious that he thought the jury was going to be as stupid as the one in the Travon Martin case. Can you be more f-ed up? Why would you buy something that ostentatious while crying poor? The man--I mean person--makes absolutely no sense.
MEANWHILE, his kids have to shoulder the weight of the entire world seeing how jacked up and delusional/CRAZY their father is.

380 days ago
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