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The Game

Attacks Paps for Khloe K

'You Thought Kanye Was a Problem?'

10/8/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Game
lashed out -- threatening to go all Kanye on paps last night -- and it was all in defense of Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe and Game were getting swarmed as they walked out of Tru Nightclub -- where she was hosting -- and Game put all the paparazzi on notice, shouting ... "Put your cameras down, or there's gonna be 7 broke cameras!"

And just to make sure the paps were paying attention, Game played the Yeezy card, adding ... "You thought Kanye was a problem? I'm a REAL problem!"

As for what set Game off -- the crowd around Khloe was seriously obnoxious (see vid below) ... shouting comments about Lamar Odom's crack addiction, and coming on to her. Problem is ... the photogs weren't the ones yelling that stuff.

Kardashian women ... making rappers violent since 2011.



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383 days ago


Looks like Khloe 's lover in the closet has finely step out into the daylight......But of course the KKlan of Hyena's will pardon the expression "White Wash " he as just being a very close and devouted friend to her in her time of need....
LOL.....And I thought Lamar was a unattractive man this one makes him look downright handsome.....Goodness !~ she like them dirty and rough looking..... What in the hell is wrong with all these Hollywood whores going for the dirtiest , hoodiest, street thug looks ...I think the drugs they take have fried their brains....I mean if he was a handsome man black or white I can see it but these ****roaches and ally rats....ugh !!!!

383 days ago


SMH Game SMH i thought he was better than that and now i lost all respect for him backing up the fakest people im tossing out all his albums

383 days ago


Isn't it interesting that I have the only hate vote on the entire comment section....and I will almost swear that it was the TMZ moderator who put it there.....LOL.....Ain't that right Mikey............

383 days ago

My words     

Super ghetto. To think this is what some people look up too. He comes across as just another angry black man that's feeding into the stereotype. Yeah, keep it classy folks, keep it classy. There are prisons and cemeteries full of guys just like this.

383 days ago


She was there hosting a party and it was probably advertised that she would be there. So of course the paps were there Sounds like he's trying to up his fame by using her.

383 days ago


All this commotion for a woman who's only famous because her sister made a bad sex tape. 'Murica.

383 days ago


Just like a bunch of uncle toms protecting the white woman. Talking all the ****, and can't bust a grape. I have never seen such bull**** in my life. Game and the rest of clowns need to check into the real world

383 days ago


These people think far too HIGHLY of themselves.
Game or whatever you call yourself little boy, you talk that way to 'Some People', we'd have embarrassed yo azz in front of your 'click'.
How Stupid.

383 days ago


It amazes me how this man can stand up for someone that has absolutely no relevance in his personal or professional life... But he can turn his back on his children and their mother for a bunch a groupies and hangers on in his crew as seen on his reality show. Wow... Glad to see that his priorities are in order. Fight for your family instead of this user. The Kardashian women always seem to find a weak ass black man to take advantage of until the next one comes along. Pathetic on both ends.

383 days ago


Not TMZ it's TKZ

383 days ago


Game is seeking attention because no one cares about him or his career.

383 days ago


every whore needs dick. A perfect couple

383 days ago


The games nothing but a lil bitch ...

383 days ago


Sounds like somebody is desperate to keep themselves relevant by hanging out with the K whoores.

383 days ago
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