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Bruce Jenner

F**k This, F**k That

10/9/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Bruce Jenner's new favorite word is clearly F**K, because he couldn't stop using it yesterday after Kris Jenner announced their separation.

Bruce was at a golf course Tuesday near the family's home in Calabasas ... and he flew off the handle at some photogs (not TMZ) who he claimed were on private property.

Fast forward to later Tuesday ... at a yogurt shop with Kendall and Kylie in the San Fernando Valley ... more F**Ks and fingers.

As we reported ... family sources tell TMZ ... Bruce hated the whole Hollywood life and said, "f**k this s**t and moved to Malibu.   But there are no plans for divorce -- at least not now.  Bruce will still be a part of the show and sources tell us the split will become a big part of the story line in season 9.


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F@$k any more plastic surgery is what he should say!

289 days ago


Classy, bruce. And to think we all held out hope for these two girls if you were making more decisions. Verdict: hopeless

289 days ago

Joyce Ann DePew    

That is not appropriate for a parent to display in front of his children and then to allow his children to copy his attitude.
I hope their reality show bombs. It is all about them and the money.
Soon, the two teen-age daughters will be showing inappropriate behavior themselves. Mom has already OK't this with the inappropriate modeling shots.
This family should be forgotten and stripped of their fame.

289 days ago


Such a class act. That lesbian just cracks me up rockin' that Zara from Planet of the Apes wig.

289 days ago


I like how you guys put ( Not TMZ ) but then used the footage. If it's on your website and you paid to use the footage then it is TMZ. You guys try to act better than these clowns, but you are really not.

289 days ago


Picture speaks a thousands words...none of them good.

289 days ago


What a nice family portrait! Now we really know where these brats get their manners from!! A-holes............

289 days ago


Oh wow! Fathers fathers be careful of what you let your daughters do with you! Now I have ultimately lost all respect for him as a man. He has completely lost his balls! Sad to watch!

289 days ago


I remember the episode when Kris had secretly rented the beach house. Brought a lot of personal belongings there including furniture and then had the girls' lure Bruce there for the "surprise" . It was supposed to be a retreat for the family to enjoy.. BS....Kris had other ideas as we now know.

289 days ago

Hell If I Know    

He wanted a simpler life so he moved to Malibu...why not move to Riverside then you dum azz and really keep it real? Real cute teaching your teen high school drop out daughters to give the finger. The one in the middle with the blue shirt on looks like a hard edged tramp...just like the she the one who wrecked her car 10 days after getting her drivers license?

288 days ago


Good for Bruce. The photographers are a-holes.

288 days ago

Hell If I Know    

We can all thank Ryan Seacrust for foisting this POS family of money grubbing gypsy's on us. The world would be a better place without these gaggle of losers, and that goes for them ALL...Scott, Lamar, Kayne, Bruce and any other male stupid enough to allow himself to be sucked into a hole by these creeps. Kris Humphries: You got off easy. Reggie Bush: The only one in their orbit who has two brain cells to rub together.

288 days ago


most people i know try to teach their kids to conduct themselves in decent manner. these people encourage theirs to be smart a$$ and vulgar. when you use the f word in every sentence, it loses its shock value. they create attention and plaster their pictures everywhere, yet want to act like they dont like the paps, who they call to let them know where they will be. this family is truly pitiful.

288 days ago


Nice parenting Bruce! Just goes to show that ALL OF THEM HAVE NO CLASS!!

288 days ago


These two girls will no doubt hook up with **** bag black gangsta rappers because no one descent would have them. Way to go Bruce, you're raising some real winners here.

288 days ago
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