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Khloe and Lamar

Divorce Will Be Simple

10/9/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
wants to divorce Lamar Odom -- even though she hasn't pulled the trigger -- and there will be NO disputes because everything is predetermined by their prenup ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us ... Khloe is "anxious" to end the marriage but, as we first reported, she hasn't had papers drawn up because she fears it could push Lamar over the edge -- she's worried he'll OD or commit suicide.

But we're told Khloe is waiting for the right time to make her move, and when she does the divorce will go without a hitch.  That's because the prenup keeps the assets of Khloe and Lamar separate ... sources familiar with the document tell TMZ.

In fact, we're told Lamar is so deep into the world of drugs, he's in no position to start haggling, even if there were something over which to haggle.  As we reported, Lamar has been using crack off and on for months, among other drugs, and is probably legally incompetent to negotiate anything.

One more thing.  There are stories floating around that there's an "infidelity clause" in the prenup, giving Khloe more money if Lamar had cheated.  All of our sources make it clear -- NO SUCH CLAUSE is in the prenup.



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Oh TMZ why do you make up stuff?

If Lamar was so incompetent so as not to be able to negotiate, he would have a ton of other legal problems right now. He has not been deemed by anyone to be "legally incompetent".

381 days ago


It doesn't matter that Lamar Odom was publically trashed by Khloe and Jenner for months. That's still a big backfire on them.

Odom still isn't crawling back to Khloe. Now back to Khloe wanting a divorce again.

Khloe and mommypimp have beaten this man to a pulp and nothing to back it up with.

All of a sudden Lamar Odom is no longer useful to them.

381 days ago


seriously, just stop writing these stupid stories and prove it. I'll believe this when she actually files along with her pimp mom. They can live together in their house with all their cash. Has anyone realized that with all their cash, they're still unhappy? Take note little kids.

381 days ago


let me get this straight, Klooey wont file for divorce YET as she "fears" that doing so will cause Lamb Chop to OD or commit suicide. Has she and her family of grifters not realized with all they've put Lamar thru he's still ALIVE...clearly a SIMPLE divorce wont push him over the edge.
This poor guy has been humiliated publicly and these TROLLOPS play the victim role.
GIVE IT UP Harvey NO ONE buys this crap - NO ONE

381 days ago


Divorce will be simple, "we cut off your balls now off you go"

381 days ago


AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yet ANOTHER FAILURE for the Gypsies. Kim's been married like 88 times - all ended in DIVORCE, Khlooey's one and ONLY marriage (that i'm aware of) is ENDING in DIVORCE....Kris J's marriage to Robert K ENDED in DIVORCE - word is her marriage to Bruce is on the rocks...Kortknee the monkey wont marry Scott.... Are we seeing a PATTERN HERE?
A series of FAILED MARRIAGE and the Trashkanians are always the VICTIM.....hmmmm.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Their BRAND is tanking ...their shows are tanking and Rob is morbidly obese.

381 days ago

Ozzie X    

That is good. Both their brains are simple so it works well.

381 days ago


illuminati has control from day one, this is the reason why **** like this happen in the people watch total recall 1990'.............act like you do not know....this marriage was fake from the beginning

381 days ago


He probably can't wait to get rid of that barren troll.

381 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

OMG..just do it already

381 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Who cares about these two goofballs. But the best news is that the Walking Dead is back on Sunday.

381 days ago


what's going to be REALLY funny is once this "divorce" is FINALLY OVER, Lamar will return to playing B'ball - there will be no more krap about his "drug use"....and Khlooey will ending-up getting fat and dating some D-list "rapper" like the GAYme.
Kris and Bruce will divorce (it's been reported there's NO PRE-NUP) - bruce will get 1/2 of EVERYTHING (AHAHAHAHAH) and this pack of whore will fade into oblivion.

381 days ago


Hey "KARDASHIANS" - Thanks for all the laughs! All this time you thought people LIKED YOU when in fact they were mocking you and LAUGHING AT YOU.
You made complete fools out of yourselves to the point of having NO RESPECT FROM ANYONE - especially one another

381 days ago


What a suprise. Is there a more stupid group of women than the Kardashians?

381 days ago


All this talk of infidelity CLAUSES and such! I think the only CLAUSE not being contended is SANTA CLAUSE!!!!

381 days ago
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