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Jenner Separation

Happy Kris,

Sad Bruce

10/9/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jenner split has become a tragicomedy ... Bruce can't seem to muster a happy face, and Kris can't help but smile.

The separated duo both showed up to a production office in L.A. today, wearing drastically different expressions -- just one day after announcing they were living apart.

Both have said they're happy with the current arrangement, but Bruce was cursing like a sailor yesterday about it ... and appears to be clinging to his wedding ring. Unlike Kris.

Still, gotta respect their work ethic.



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yet ANOTHER staged "event" for their show. i highly doubt they're splitting up. This is ALL for rating. This along with the "conclusion of Khloeey and Lamb chop" will be NEXT season's "premier".
They're running out of story lines, they've burned thru ALL family/cast members except the little kids....this is the ONLY thing left to exploit themselves with.
PS BRUCE - WTF is with that HAIR? Dude you're WAY too old to have THAT color hair....sorry but that an AWFUL dye job....and what's with that "part" that's not a part its more like a gap. Do you have alopecia?

287 days ago


Bruce looks like he should be getting together with Joe Simpson... he's starting to look like a queen...

287 days ago


He needs a haircut he looks like an old lady!

287 days ago


Kris Jenner you can smear on all the pancake makeup you want to hide your "age" but your hands dont lie....are you like 73 or something?

287 days ago


Of course she's happy, now she can freely sleep with Drake and slut it up all over town!!

287 days ago


I know Bruce, he is pleased as punch !

He knows Kris is a horrible wife and mother, here's why:

She was married to a man who defended OJ, a killer
She cheated on him with other's AND had Khole by another man
She encouraged Kim to sell her sex tape
Kourtney is involved with a man who only stays for the fame and money of the family
Kim is involved with a man who's ego is as big as the planet, and everyone hates his guts
Khole is married to a hardcore druggie who cheats on her in public, not giving a damn
Her son Rob is a loser , lives off her money, and contributes nothing to society
She is now pimping out her younger daughter's
Her talk show was canceled cause everyone dislikes her and could not get celebrity's to come on the show
She is cheating on Bruce left and right
She treats Bruce's son's like dirt
She calls her money making "Kim" her favorite
She is going through mid-life crisis and looks and acts like a fool

Wouldn't YOU be happy to be away from that ??

Bruce is doing JUST FINE , thank you !!!

287 days ago


Oh come on now ! Bruce Jenner is happy as a clam now that he has that witch away from him !

He knows what a horrible wife and mother she really is:

She was married to a man that defended OJ, a killer
She cheated on him and had Khole by hhairdresser

287 days ago


Krissy Jenner wasted all her money on face plastic surgery forgetting about it's hands. Look at then reptilian skin looking hands!

287 days ago


Harvey enough is enough facts pls there are other souces reporting ,who are you protecting Chris we no Chris is in Mexico .give us the real deal .

287 days ago


why do insist on these "non stories" one cares about this trashy family!!! The only reason they are famous is because of all the press you give them!!!

287 days ago

Me Too    

Bruce's hair is GOD AWFUL!!!! Who is responsible for this atrocity?!?!? Aside from the awful (clearly dyed badly) dingy reddish color, the cut/style is HORRIBLE.

287 days ago


I know Bruce personally. He is happy, happy, happy. The only sadness is that he hasn't received the glass jar that contains his balls back from Kris. She is carrying it around in her purse. When he gets them back he is heading over to Dr Rey to have the surgery to re-attach

287 days ago


The guy playing left could have saw this coming! Bruce, please get your hair cut! Would have dumped her when she met up with the guy that broke up her first marriage. They have all played the game from A to Z and now it's all coming back to bite them in the ass. Fat ass Rob lives off of his sisters, Kim had a kid with a jerk and not even married, Khloe's life is in complete D, and the other one that is with that DICK IT guy. @skit, it might happen soon!

287 days ago


Yeah, Bruce is showing his true emotions, while all along, Kris is putting on that FAKE DAMN SMILE to protect the "brand". Ugh. Vomit.

287 days ago

Paula Eeickson    

after that disgusting wedding where she just used CH for a publicity stunt to become a fake beautiful bride----I finally listened to my kids---and shut off that trash!!!

287 days ago
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