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Lamar Odom

Flying to NYC

For Basketball Meetings

10/9/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:20 PM PT
-- Lamar bailed on the flight to NYC. We're told he became uneasy about making the trip after we posted this story about his plans -- and he has not rescheduled.

Lamar Odom is flying to New York later today ... to meet with honchos from several basketball teams, and he's carrying what he claims is proof that he's clean and sober ... sources connected with Lamar tell TMZ.

Our sources say on Tuesday ... Lamar underwent blood and urine tests for drugs, and he tested NEGATIVE for drugs.

This is consistent with what other sources have told us about his time with the Kardashians on Tuesday.  We're told he was lucid and showed no signs of being under the influence of drugs.

We're told Lamar has had private conversations with execs from several teams who have expressed interest in him, provided he could show he was clean ... and the purpose of the trip is to meet with them and possibly strike a deal.

Our sources also say Lamar wanted to go to New York to visit his family, and get away from "the negative energy."

And finally, our sources tell us Lamar says he's had his fun with drugs and is ready to re-start his basketball career.  Fact is ... he's done that before.


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Are you kidding me? You think that the 'Kardashian klan' brought him to this? You think that they are the ones saying all this.. I'm not one to judge.. but from what I have seen, they've wanted to keep hush hush.. he is the only one who did this to him self, they may have hinted it or something.. but when you drop from 240lbs to 180lbs.. ppeople are obviously going to question.. also when you are missing for so long that's just whack. It happens though! No one should be blaming anyone... he'll hopefully hit rock bottom and realize who he's hurt and what he needs to do! Just saying stop smack talking them and look at the reality of it.

387 days ago


Good luck to everyone through this hard time! Hopefully lamar gets clean and goess back to doing what he does best, play some.bballl!

387 days ago


I bet if they did further tests on that urine they'd find it belongs to a big melon headed woman named Khloe.

The old fake penis in the pants routine.

387 days ago



387 days ago


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387 days ago


and Just Maybe ....you know .... they lied !!!!! ......LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Can't wait till the story comes out how Khloe Saved Lamar by her little hand and undying love.....and takes credit for his miracle turn around......
It's a Miracle !!!!!!! .....

387 days ago


Please just let him live his life and leave him alone. If he really has had addiction issues, the last thing he needs is you guys spewing negative energy and causing him stress when he is in the early part of recovery. He is a real human being. You guys are horrible.

387 days ago


Who is signing him? Lindsay lohan? He needs professional help. But if basketball is his thing to keep his mind off of it, then good for him. But I have never heard of a sometimes crackhead. Fact is. He is in that stage of last chances. He is excited. But didn't we see that with Amy Winehouse before she self helped herself to her death. Lamar go to rehab and sort yourself out. And NYC is even worse for a recovering addict to live in. Get him help people. Cause when he gets another hit, it could be massive, especially after so long without it after having a bender like he did. I think he is playing with Khloes mind.

387 days ago

Patty Lopez    

What a piece of ****!!!

387 days ago


Can not believe that Celebrite Dirty Laundry would stop and moderate you cause you said you thought it was stupid to see Kim Kardashian getting her baby out of the car at the Jimmy Kimmel show from the grocery section at the back of the SUV....Not the back seat but the very back of the thing where you put your groceries.....cause she had it still strapped in the baby carriage....fool woman you take the seat out and buckle it in the middle of the back seat not shove the whole thing in the back of the dam car...and she made sure it was covered up ...anyway they wouldn't let me say a thing...stupid censured Kardashian payed for site....

387 days ago


Get as far away as possible from the kardashian ho's

387 days ago


Tmz lapping up every drop of kardashian 'ho propaganda

387 days ago


This piece of trash doesn't deserve a dime. His pro basketball days are over,

387 days ago


Good job ****tards. The guy looked like he was getting his **** together, and I guarentte he is now gonna be back hitting the pipe because of this... you guys are honestly starting to cause more harm than the amount of entertainment you are trying to perform. Like when you guys read "hate mail" on TMZ live, its such a joke, u never actually read real comments or concerns ppl have, just use it as a way to make fun of those that read your content because, god forbid, they have a valid negative point. Go **** in a hat and wear it to a Dodgers game

387 days ago


**** u, tmz!

387 days ago
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