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Lamar Odom

Flying to NYC

For Basketball Meetings

10/9/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:20 PM PT
-- Lamar bailed on the flight to NYC. We're told he became uneasy about making the trip after we posted this story about his plans -- and he has not rescheduled.

Lamar Odom is flying to New York later today ... to meet with honchos from several basketball teams, and he's carrying what he claims is proof that he's clean and sober ... sources connected with Lamar tell TMZ.

Our sources say on Tuesday ... Lamar underwent blood and urine tests for drugs, and he tested NEGATIVE for drugs.

This is consistent with what other sources have told us about his time with the Kardashians on Tuesday.  We're told he was lucid and showed no signs of being under the influence of drugs.

We're told Lamar has had private conversations with execs from several teams who have expressed interest in him, provided he could show he was clean ... and the purpose of the trip is to meet with them and possibly strike a deal.

Our sources also say Lamar wanted to go to New York to visit his family, and get away from "the negative energy."

And finally, our sources tell us Lamar says he's had his fun with drugs and is ready to re-start his basketball career.  Fact is ... he's done that before.


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WOW still no update from TMZ on Lamar's whereabouts. You would think that by NOW Kris would have dictated a story about Lamar's having been spotted (by a family friend of course( hitting the pipe.
I bet when TMZ ran this the Old Pimp nearly krapped her drawers. She didn't anticipate a move like this from Lamb-Chop the Crack-Addict.
I really really hope Lamar does go to NY and gets a spot on a team just to PISS OFF Kris Jenner. All her hard work trying to destroy this man would have turned out to be useless and she'd have egg on her face.

377 days ago


How funny wud it be if LampChops got a spot on the Nets and became good friends with Jay-Z and Beyondsay....Kim will literally explode.....imagine how PISSED she'd be!

377 days ago


And will now go home to wife as planned. What a bs story hey've fed america.

377 days ago


Way to go Lamar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you for getting back into the GAME!!!! Forget marriage for now and do what you love BEST!!!!

377 days ago


If everyone would just let this man work to find the peace, happiness, and success longs for, he will obviously rebound from all the Kardashian stresses. No one is in his shoes and particular male (haters) need to let up off of Lamar Odom! He's a warrior, and he's human just like you. Black males deserves a break in life in these times where races of people want to kick them in the groin everyday for being black. They are tough; they know what they want. Black athletes work very hard and Lamar has a championship ring to tell his story. Thanks, NBA for recognizing who he still is. He is credible, and he just needs to ball!!

377 days ago


So nice of you to make it hard for this poor guy to get his life back. Just get back on the TMZ tour bus, Harvey, you've turned into a Hollywood shill. Stay on the bus until you bring the old style TMZ back. Get your people out of the studio and covering all of the TMZ not just your buddy Kris and her KK Klan and the poor suckers caught in their web.

376 days ago


Well let's see, according to this site, just last week Lamar was neck deep in hoes and blow, but THIS week he is as clean as filtered water and "lucid" enough to negotiate with NBA execs. Wow! I need the number to the rehab facility he went to. Lamar needs to secure a contract, then a lawyer, then a divorce and move on with his life.

376 days ago


who are these sources? making news on his most private moments? who would know that he got 'uneasy' when tmz repoted that he was flying to new york? hmmmm.. 'ooh' his wife!

376 days ago


11:20 PM PT -- Lamar bailed on the flight to NYC. We're told he became uneasy about making the trip after we posted this story about his plans -- and he has not rescheduled.
Those drugs won't let Lamar get on that plane.
If Lamar tested "clean" for drugs, he must have been using the same stuff that Charlie Sheen used to "flush" his system or to add chemicals that would disguise the drugs in his system before he took the test.

376 days ago


Im rooting for lamar, he seems like a stand up guy, but you TMZ, wtf is wrong with you ppl, first off all im pretty sure all u say are lies, and even if it was true, you would do something like that to a man whos having those kind of issues? shame on you

376 days ago


I hope Lomar plays for the Knicks.

376 days ago
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