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Bruce Jenner

Sons THRILLED With Separation

10/10/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner
's 2 boys blame Kris Jenner for robbing them of their father and they are more than happy over the split ... sources connected to the family tell TMZ.

Brody and Brandon Jenner became estranged from their dad when he married Kris in 1991.  They were raised by their mom, Linda Thompson and David Foster, who married Linda after she divorced Bruce.  We're told the boys were devastated, and believed their real dad abandoned them.

What's more ... our sources say Brody and Brandon believe Kris is the one who convinced Bruce to jettison them, in favor of his new family.  They have bitter feelings toward Kris, which endure even today.

We're told Brody and Brandon know ... Bruce didn't pay child support for 10 years, and after that only $1,500 a month.  Again, they believe Kris was pulling the strings.

So now Bruce is living in Malibu, close to Brody and Brandon, and they are reconnecting with Bruce in what we're told is "an adult relationship." 

Here's what no one will say out loud --  Bruce got sick of being alienated from his children, and one benefit of the separation is to rebuild and make good.

One final thing ... you may wonder why Brody and Brandon have appeared on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," a show driven by Kris.  We're told the boys have done everything they could to get close to their dad, and they felt if the show filled that bill ... so be it.



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The C U Next Tuesday that is known as Kris wasn't the only one guilty here... seriously... Bruce was/is a GROWN MAN... if he ALLOWED himself to be P U S S Y WHIPPED that's ALL ON HIM! Bruce abandoned those boys by CHOICE! It's Bruce's fault he married this FAME W H O R E! And the damage done to these boys is on him to make up for... grow some BALLS BRUCE!!!

349 days ago


This posting ("story") is from Kris. FACT
She is trying to make him look bad like she did with Lamar.

Yo Harvey, I'm surprised since your so close to the Kardashians that there not with you when your working out at the 24 hour fitness in Santa Monica.

349 days ago


Wow.. Everyone was praising Bruce right before this how great he is for finally leaving Kris..
Now all of the sudden he is a bad human being.
There mom and David Foster have more than 100 million in the bank..... so whats $1,500 a month. Did she ever take him to court to get that money in the past 10 years? No.... Maybe they had an agreement. Don't pass judgement you have no clue about.

349 days ago


The boys have more brain power than their Dad! Bruce permitted Kris to become the "House Madam" and pimp out the girls whom Bruce was the Father.

I bet she is frothing at the mouth about baby North.

Wicked Family!

349 days ago


It's about dang time Bruce you wake up and realize that you have other children other than the Ktrash girls. Take your two daughters away from mama pimp and give them a normal life away from the cameras. I just hope this isn't a publicity stunt for their show.

349 days ago


dude in yellow shirt = porn movie, anyone!!!!

349 days ago


Last I checked Bruce was a grown a** man and could make his own decisions, and second of all HE said that he is at fault for all of that because he did not want to deal with their mother. I blame both of them, because as a woman there is no way I could be married to a man that was not taking care of his kids, that is just an opening for bad Karma in your household and it says something about your character, but at the end of the day, it is his kids and he was responsible for making sure that he was in their lives.

349 days ago


Good for Bruce. Great for his sons.

349 days ago


You Kardashian haters jump on any band wagon that is so called against them, then you get mad when you find out the truth about the bandwagon that you jump on,that is what happens when you start defending people just because you HATE someone else, you are willing to defend these other people without facts, so they get busted then you still turn around and try to blame it on Kris, let you all tell it Kris is responsible for the Government Shut Down, and for Starvation in the world, and for your broke a** being broke although you have the same 24 hours in he day that she and her family have. You people are a bunch of jealous, hateful hypocrites hiding behind a computer being bullies, but probably living like animals and doing things that would make the Kardashians look like saints. All you have to do is look at some of your comments to understand what type of bottom feeders are on here, the vitirol and racist comments say so much more about most of you than anything that the Kardashians could ever do. It is driven by your own miserable lives, envy and plain old malice. If you dislike them so much then stop clicking on the stories and go live your miserable lives. I love how you all give Kris all this credit, let you idiots tell it, she is practically God with the things that you idiots claim she has pulled off.

349 days ago


First I banned Perezhilton from my gossip updates. He and his staff became too political, and posting too much sh*t all the time. So, I stopped going to him... Even though he did have an actual variety of celebrity news. Looks like I'll now be banning TMZ too. I was drawn to TMZ for the brains of Harvey. And how some of his staff too has an education in law. But this Kardashian update every other minute is getting ridiculous. Put your energy into other celebrities. And what's funny is, I'm actually a Khloe supporter and fan!!! And I am interested and curious in the "personal" lives of her and some of her family. But all of these posts are ridiculous, and it's obvious Kris Jenner herself is paying Harvey. She probably puts the checks in between her hacked-on tits, and Harvey retrieves it with his teeth. This is just ridiculous. I know I'm babbling. But TMZ is def on my block list now too. Thanks a lot, I used to have a lot of respect for you too.

349 days ago


Ya cause Dad's worth 100 mil (till the divorce)!

349 days ago


How can Bruce not pay child support for 10 years? I don't care who the hell he married, those were his kids & he had an obligation to take care of them. Bruce was such a *****.

349 days ago


im sure that whore kris khuntdashian molested those guys when they were little.

349 days ago


BS...they were on the show because the money was good..this whole family is ridiculous. Ever notice there's a "scandal" every being pregnant..lamar and his "crack addiction" and now those two fools splitting up. It's all for ratings..stop watching and make them go away..

349 days ago

Ozzie X    

Good. They've been praying for this day to happen. Brody and Brandon are quality.

349 days ago
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