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Kanye West

Yeah, I'll Attack Disrespectful Photogs

10/10/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
made it clear last night on Jimmy Kimmel's show ... he will fight the paparazzi with physical force if they cross the line in the sand ... the line Kanye has drawn.

It's pretty amazing.  Kanye is facing criminal charges for attacking a photog at LAX.  Prosecutors want to use video of Kanye's greatest hits.  And now you can bet they will use his comments on Kimmel to show he's an angry man out for blood.  And by the way, he's sayin' that's how people from Chicago are raised.

Kanye also buried the hatchet with Jimmy over the skit that caused a huge rift -- and Kimmel kinda apologized.

And of course, Kanye said he's a genius.


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Delusional. Kanye doesn't know how to do anything. He buys it all and what he buys is in poor taste. I hope he realizes that stating you intend on attacking people will be evidence in his next case.

342 days ago


I hope he gets the crap beat out of him. He is so full of crap. Worthless piece of you know what. Hey West why don't you travel without your security team. You are a man that belongs in prison due to your anger management issues. You do not belong in our society.

342 days ago



342 days ago


He looked high as a kite! And sounded like the hood rat thug he is!

342 days ago


Kanye West is such a worthless piece of ****!!!!!! I would love to see him lose all his money, become homeless.... I hope he ends up in prison for beating up paparazzi... Prison is where that worthless SOB belongs... I never liked him before but after what he did to Taylor, i lost all respect for him

342 days ago

tony clifton    

What a douche-bag! Kimmel grow some balls! Don't apologize to this ignorant clown! West is an arrogant idiot! Trash like this and the Kardashian clan is part of what the problem is in the United States. No wonder he married into the family trash draws flies, if West did not have his posse with him when he attacked photographers he would get his ass stomped!. This guy need some serious therapy. If he were smart, when they approached him he would say, "How are you? How can I help you? It would help his image and not make him as big of a target..

In all fairness to West, I do not agree with Paparazzi stalking his home at 4:00 am. Call the damned police that is why you pay taxes. As for him being from Chicago, drop him in the south side of Chicago by himself and see how tough he is and how that statement will fly.

I am sure his mother in law sees a crack in the armor and she and her daughter his current wife will attempt or succeed in depleting his resources when divorce hits. His behavior will just be ammunition for them.

342 days ago


Can't understand why Kimmel would waste his time on this major a-hole -- he's a talentless hack. Go back to Paris to your boyfriend, Kayne, and take your troll with you.

342 days ago



342 days ago

arale norimaki    

no kayne you are a gayfish

342 days ago


I only made it 20 seconds What a douche bag

342 days ago


Kanye should not threaten paparatzzi. however if he goes to jail, he will gain street cred and sympathy in Black-America. He has got to make the attacks look more like immediate self defence like Alec Baldwin.
this leads me to 1 question, how many aggressive paparazzi are Black (hooray the official play of the race cad)
do u think its right to wait until your kids are grown when there are interesting and able to carry on a conversation to have a relationship with them? or do your particiipate when they are young as their father.

342 days ago


People from Chicago are NOT raised that way. Thugs from Chicago ACT that way.

342 days ago


The guy is a Big ******* ! even more so after appearing on Kimmel ! coming soon on the Kardashians : Kim a single mother bringing up baby !

342 days ago


HA HA HA Jimmy Kimmel is the real genius letting Kanye come on his show and talk a lot and basically prove that the children's skit was actually pretty accurate.Once Kanye is told what really happened he will be furious.

342 days ago

Mr Bob Dobalina    

You know how many times I heard somebody say.. I'm from Philly, I'm from New York, I'm from Trenton I'm from LA, I'm from Chicago.. All I can say is an idiot is an idiot. You be the judge......

342 days ago
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