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Kris Jenner

Bruce's Kids LOVE Me

This Pose Proves It

10/11/2013 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Jenners are one big, happy separated family -- and Kris Jenner went out of her way to prove it by taking family pics at home Thursday night.

Bruce Jenner, along with his sons Brandon and Brody, grinned and posed for a pic with Kris -- which she promptly posted on Instagram with the caption, "Another amazing night."

Momager Kris made no bones about it ... the warm and fuzzy moment was engineered as a response to TMZ.

She concluded her Instagram post with a hashtag that read, "SorryTMZ got it wrong AGAIN."

Sorry Kris, you know we got it right.

As we reported, sources connected to the family say Brody and Brandon have been reconnecting with their father since he separated from Kris and moved to Malibu. We're also told the boys partially blamed Kris for the fact Bruce neglected them for most of the last 20 years.

In fact, things were so bad, Bruce often would not even call the boys on their birthdays.

Kris' IG caption continued, "Too fun I love you guys!!! Best hearts."

Brody also posted a pic. Eat your heart out Norman Rockwell.



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this woman is repulsive

343 days ago


she is a fake ass socio -path narssistic and will go out of her way even to fake a photo if she has too, her step children hate that pimp and we all know that, she is a sick twisted manipulative bitch, get this kartrashian talentless bitches off the air and off the radar already!

343 days ago


Oh gawd, seriously, GO AWAY KRIS! The whole split was your idea (it wasn't), Bruce is sad about it (he's not), you're not (you are devastated), his kids love you (they hate you for being the evil, trashy step-mother).
Everyone is used to your PR campaigns already. Why don't you go sell some more videos of your daughter getting pi$$ed on?

343 days ago


oh look kardashians and jenners being fake in front of some sort of camera.color me shocked

343 days ago


how badly does kris want to bang brody. holy crap.

343 days ago


looks like an ugly old lesbian couple, really who cares of this f*cktards anyway? Where is the pic of her taking all three of their loads to her face at once?

343 days ago


Kris Jenner, is The Anti-Christ.. She has definitely written, the Book on the Pimp/Hoe relationship.. She is jealous and tries to compete with her Daughters, even, the younger ones..she should take her Ass, and, have a seat or 2. The rode the back of Success based on her Daughters, most People, would have the decency, to Slink away.. But, there she is touting to the World, my daughter Kim, is as Big of A whore as, I am., But, now, to Slap Bruce in the Face with that Disrespectful.. Article..On how, she should have stayed with Robert Kardashian .. As if, he would have been bothered.. She hung out with Nicole Simpson. RIP.. Not Nice to talk badly about the Dead., Kris Kenner, was an embarrassment to her then Husband.. If Bruce Jenner, does completely get rid of her, then her deserves what he gets.. Because that article all-over, the Internet, was The Final Straw for Me Pal!!

343 days ago


I have to admit that when I'm in a picture with people I don't like, I always have the biggest smile on my face.

Keep telling yourself Kris that those boys love you.

343 days ago


sheesh, defensive much, TMZ? i believe your exact words were that brandon and brody were "thrilled with the split", so don't act like all you said was that you "were told the boys partially blamed kris", cuz you went a lot farther than that, and obviously you were wrong.

343 days ago


Kris Jenner looks so young and attractive here. And I love how she's staying connected with her step kids even as Kris had no choice but to separate from Bruce because of his moody behavior.

Some on TMZ just love to hate!

343 days ago

paul a.    

Oh ****.
Kris is going to push out EVERY little detail of this now.

343 days ago


This screams desperate and pathetic. Not a good look.

343 days ago


What a sick group.

It must be a sad existence to feel that you must show the world how happy you are.

Truly happy people don't need to do this.

343 days ago


Kris Jenner says jump and Harvey says how high!

343 days ago


Landing a man on the moon was AMAZING, finding a cure for polio was AMAZING. I would suggest a new adjective for Kris and the girls ......superficial.

343 days ago
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