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Kris Jenner

Smiles Through Split ...

While Bruce Rages On

10/10/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

101013_kris_jenner_launchYou'd never know Kris Jenner just got separated from her husband of 22 years -- not based on her ear-to-ear grin after dinner last night, anyway.

It's becoming Kris and Bruce Jenner's M.O. -- she smiles like nothing's wrong ... while he lashes out at every paparazzo who comes within 20 feet.

So, we had to ask Kris if their separation really is mutual -- as they've been telling the world.

Meanwhile, just a few hours before we shot Kris ... Bruce was busy doing his thing -- threatening to run a photog, not one of ours, off the road.


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Kris Jenner has beautiful children that she is proud of. And who wouldn't want to be rich. So what if they used their looks and style to their advantage. Who wouldn't? My daughter is beautiful and if she wanted to be in the spot light I would be a bad bitch momager too. I'm sure her kids appreciate their lives they made together as a family! Haters are so annoying.

348 days ago


shes just loving the publicity. shes such a sick woman

348 days ago


I guess for the next couple months this crap is all TMZ will report on?

348 days ago


Smiling demon face.The woman is possessed & not in a good way~

348 days ago


Who effing cares. That whole family should just go away. They are ways of space.

348 days ago


The woman has NO friends. That is why she is with the weak publicist~ of course SHE is doing the driving.

348 days ago


For one they did not just get separated! They have been speparated! So you mean the news just came out! And Kris is in heaven because all that s*** cares about it money and partying!

348 days ago


For one they did not just get separated! They have been speparated! So you mean the news just came out! And Kris is in heaven because all that s*** cares about it money and partying!

348 days ago

She's baaaack    

TMZ ... why is it in the last week or so every time you have a story about an obtrusive photog you always print *NOT OURS* like it's a disclaimer we are supposed to believe. THEN you have the fvcking picture you're talking about, which means you paid for it. How the fvck stupid do you think we are?

348 days ago


Kris is always smiling because she is the one with the bankroll. Bruce is pissed because he just lost the lottery. Maybe he could win a few gold metals and get on the next box of Wheaties. The athlete of plastic surgery.

348 days ago

Harvey Kardashian     

I hate that family with a passion.

348 days ago


I hate this woman! Disgrace to moral society!

348 days ago


soooooo? your photog is taking a picture of jenner while another is the one he is complaining about that is in the way? so your guy is cool but the other is not? what hypocritical bull****...its never your photogs but somehow you always have a picture...yours are just so respectful of privacy...what a ****ing crock

348 days ago


I imagine there are a whole lot of people, that would just LOVE to wipe that stupid grin off her face! This narcissist is as shallow of a human being who has ever existed.

348 days ago

weird al yankovich    

she might be smiling now but karma will get her ass. Infact it already is . Her selfishness and b---tchiness will be seen in all her kids lives results. if you notice in their shows all their kids seem unhappy. Kim had the worst pregnancy, khloe is battling a screwed up marriage, and her son is the biggest loser on earth who will never be happy because even when he finds an insane woman to marry him it will only be a matter of years before she divorces his ass and therefore even more pain and suffering. All that Money and she couldn't avoid the most important thing in life and that is to give your children the best life possible. Because of her greed and selfishness she will live the rest of her life watching her kids suffer... I will never forget the episode where Brice was on Jimmy fallon and she had the audacity to stand there and act embarrased for him ? Ummm sorry to inform you kris but Bruce is a REAL celebrity with REAL talent and that's why he did good on the show. Something you took for granted and now you'll pay the rest of your life but hey we all can;t be perfect and smart right ? Fame and cash I guess can get to anyone and not knowing how to act as well... Anyways Kris you lose BIG TIME on this .. It's only a matter of time before Bruce finds a woman who will appreciate him for the REAL genuine person he is

348 days ago
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