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Vikings' Adrian Peterson

Thanks For The Concern

... I'm Playing on Sunday

10/11/2013 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Peterson just addressed the media ... and thanked everyone for their support in the wake of the terrible tragedy involving his 2-year-old son.

Adrian told reporters he's dealing with the situation privately ... but insisted he WILL be playing with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

We broke the story ... Adrian's 2-year-old was severely beaten by the boyfriend of the child's mother.

The suspect was arrested for assault and battery.

As for the child, we're told his injuries are so bad, that he's not expected to survive.

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Watched the video. I don't want to hear how everyone reacts differently to crisis. This guy is callous & self-centered to a nauseating degree, in my opinion. As far as the piece of crap that beat up a defenseless baby? I wish the same fate for him.

315 days ago


His son is laying in a hospital dying and he's at football practice talking about playing a game??? It's clear to me that he dosnt care about this baby, he has probably seen the kid twice in his life and is likely looking at it as one less child support bill if he passes..I hope they fry the bastard that did this, but what a ****ty father to not be by the baby's side...pathetic and not what a real man does. Either one of these losers..the mom must be a real prize

315 days ago

richard byrd    

I would like to send Adrian a prayer note

315 days ago


He's sitting in shock. One of the 7 stages of grief. I am assuming he did not have full custody of his son nor did he have a good relationship with the mother. I feel for him. God only knows his pain. I am almost going to watch the game because I am going to expect him to have a meltdown in the middle of it after he realizes what just happened. He needs to put his real FAMILY over his football family on this one.

315 days ago


People grieve in many different ways and almost every way is acceptable. Some people like to distract themselves with work. Some have not realized the loss yet.

It's his son, he is probably in disbelief.

315 days ago


I don't care if people grieve in their own ways or not...this will probably the last time he could ever get to see, touch, talk to or hold his own flesh and blood. This is not even my child but I think I am more upset about it than he "seems"...though that is just an observation. Football will be there next week, next month, next year..or not at all...at the end of the day who cares! Its what kind of person you are that counts. Why he isn't holding his baby, telling him he loves him so much and taking in their last moments together is totally beyond me. I do not care if he was not active in the childs life or not...that is still your CHILD and still just a BABY!!! Have respect for human life!!, a CHILDS life, YOUR CHILDS LIFE. It makes me so sick to my stomach. God bless this sweet baby that will lose his life.

315 days ago


Lost any respect i had for this dumb boot. **** AP

315 days ago


I have 2/12 and if something like this would happen to me I don't know how would I react!!
I love been a dad. I don't remember a time before my girl. And if some A Hole took that from me I would be in jail and that person would be sleeping with the fishes!!

315 days ago


Every person has their own set of priorities regardless of skin color, religion or beliefs, and from the bottom of my heart, Adrian really needs to rethink his. I get that some people are angry about it to the point of pointing the finger at anything possible but race shouldn't be one of them. Judge the character, not the color. - Dad that can't live without my 2 year old son

315 days ago


I don't usually comment on these things but I have to get this out...THIS IS NOT A TALENT OR FOOTBALL PLAYER ISSUE! This did not happen because, as some people have commented, "Peterson is a crappy football player that shouldn't be playing" There are people out there that do mindless, stupid, sinful, and unlawful things...such as beat a child or another person. Do not make this a race, talent, paycheck, baby momma, or deserved thing. NO child or parent deserves to have this happen.

315 days ago


Sending prayers from Georgia!

315 days ago


That is sooooooo wrong that he would even think of playing two days after his son dies..that is selfish and disrespectful!..it doenst matter if you are a pro athlete or a taxi driver, you should be home grieving with family at a time like this!

315 days ago


y the **** would u play after seeing ur dead sons body....especially if u just met him while he was in hospital...what's more important ur sons death or that dumb ass game .....u clearly made ur choice on what's more important

314 days ago


This is such a tragedy. I wonder if this is a case of Shaken baby syndrome.? Many of the perps ate the boyfriend of the mom. Prayers are with you. Visit dontshake.org for more information

314 days ago

"That other guy who tested negative"    

This is the first time I've ever posted, but I have to say that I just spoke to the father of "the other guy that tested negative for paternity".... my cousin(s). "The other guy" was the one doing the "DADDY THINGS" with this child. (Ain't gotta make 'em to be a real daddy to 'em). The child even carried his last name. Can you imagine the heartache he must be going through. Not to spit on AP as it appears that he really did not know that this was his child. This is the fault of the mother. She took a guess between the two guys as far as paternity ~ she was wrong. Nothing new.
Please say a prayer for that "other guy" who was actually being a daddy to this child. Am also sending prayers for another innocent child killed by a pervert.

(ps; may that child molester boyfriend of the mother who did this, burn in hell after inmates have their way with him for killing a baby/toddler).

314 days ago
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