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Kanye West

Explains Airport Attack

'My Grandpa Was Dying'

10/11/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dear paparazzi: It may be okay to talk to Kanye West again ... at least based on this incredible video of KW chatting up photogs at a gas station.

What's amazing is that Kanye not only talked to a few paps ... he joked with them while filling up his Lambo today in Calabasas -- and then launched into an explanation for why he went ballistic on that photog at LAX back in July.

Yeezy claims Daniel Ramos set him up by antagonizing him ... and it just happened to go down right after he learned his grandfather was dying. 

Kanye's been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for the incident.

But there's a ton more he talks about ... like being fearful his daughter will have to deal with the media frenzy that follows him. He even tells the paps, "We in this together."

Gotta say ... it's the coolest we've seen Ye in a long time -- especially considering there was one jerk photog there trying to get under his skin.


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That s***bag pap deserved to get his ass beat. You leaches never stop to consider that some **** might be going on for celebrities that isn't talked about in the news. They're human beings. Paparazzi however are not. You people don't deserve basic rights considering your paid stalkers. There are few things in this world lower than the American paparrazi. Profiting off making people miserable and uncomfortable every time they leave their house. TMZ is targeting Kanye specifically. They keep saying that the photogs antagonizing him aren't theirs but it's obvious that they are. What website posts this many stories about Kanye? TMZ is bunch of bitch ass leaches trying to take Kanye down because he's intelligent, successful and is with the woman you losers all jerk off to. You people never harassed him like this until he and Kim got together. Seems like a bunch of losers who contribute nothing to this world are jealous that Kanye has the girl you wish you could ****. You're bullying him because he's going to take away your right to stalk celebrities. So enjoy your stalker income while you have it, it won't be like this for long. I hope Kanye beats Harvey Levin's ass because Harvey is clearly a jealous loser. Sorry Harvey you're too ****ing fugly for Kim. It's obvious how obsessed Harvey is with Kim. He wishes he weren't a fugly old ****. What kind of people are you? Trying to send a new father to prison because you want to continue to make money off him without his consent.

272 days ago


everyone's grandfather eventually dies we all don't go beatin' people up over it ! I love how he stutters that really makes him sound intelligent !

272 days ago


He's still a douchebag...

272 days ago


@ Emma. Papz are a pain in the @ss for sure. For regular people. People like the Kartrashians cultivate them. They have their phone numbers and let them know where they'll be. There are many, many more celebs that either sail through the papz with grace, like Brangelina, or usally manage to avoid them. The fact is, many celebs want the papz to keep them relevant, keep their faces in the news. The Kartrashians rely heavily on them, and Kanye has thrown in his towel with theirs, so what should he expect?

272 days ago


Are the comments on this site written by adults? If they are, I now understand why this country is taking a dive. Morons.

272 days ago


He still sucks and that's BS about his grandfather his lawyer is probably telling him if he does not stop acting like a little girl he will look real bad in court and his baby's mama's mama would like nothing more then to put that little kid in a swimsuit issue of sports illustrated lol they all need to go away

272 days ago


I call BS & horse balls-what's his excuse for the other 100 times???

272 days ago


No sympathy here, he got involved with the the queen of self-promotion. His mood changes at the drop of a hat. Ain't buying it.

272 days ago


Whaaaaaa! We've all got problems and he's trying to make one go away by giving excuses to mitigate his charges.

272 days ago


I think he puts up with a lot of crap from the photogs, some of them go out of their way to get a reaction from celebrities.

272 days ago


Its been pointed out by other commenters here, but Kanye is always whining that he is a victim. The guy is super rich, super famous, gets whatever he wants, but all he does is whine, whine, whine. That insane rant he did on the BBC (that Kimmel made fun of) and the rant he did on Kimmels, pure whine, poor me, I'm f&cking brilliant, no one understands me....whaaaah. This guy is so freaking self obsessed its sickening. There are a lot of people on this planet that are deserving of our sympathy, like the middle class of America for one, being destroyed by corporate-run government. Or the billions of people sufferering from starvation around the globe. Sympathy for a spoiled, bratty rap star? Not a chance, KMZ. So why don't you save it. These articles make you look ridiculous.

272 days ago


Personally I think he may be a tad bipolar with a extra large dose of anger issues. One minite he's talking the next he's jumping the first guy to say hello. And on the anger management front.....does Kim ever express an opinion anymore, or smile , or talk to anyone or has Kanye put her in her place also and she's afraid of him. We all know what a self absorbed GENIUS he is. Poor Kim (and I never thought I'd say that....

272 days ago


liar liar pants on fire

272 days ago


Why does everyone asskiss him? Kimmel was revolting. They afraid he's going to beat them up?

272 days ago



272 days ago
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