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Ex-UFC Star Rousimar Palhares

We Don't Want Him Either

... Says Bellator CEO

10/12/2013 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1011-bjorn-rebney-rousimar-palhares-getty-bellatorThe CEO of Bellator MMA wants nothing to do with disgraced UFC fighter Rousimar Palhares -- telling us the UFC's decision to fire him this week was spot on.

In case you missed it ... Palhares was axed less than 24 hours after his Wednesday night fight against Mike Pierce at Fight Night 29 in Brazil -- where R.P. held onto an ankle lock way after the bell rang, for the second time in his UFC career.

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney says he's not interested because, "Risks already exist for the courageous, world class fighters who enter the Bellator cage; without adding further unnecessary risks into the mix."

Sucks for Rousimar -- since a handful of former UFC stars have made the switch to Bellator like Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz ... who fight on Pay-Per-View later this month.

Bjorn adds, "Fighter safety is paramount to me and my team."

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Yea, he went too long. He could have caused some unnecessary damage.
He's been warned before and no reason for another fighter to risk injury because this guy can't follow a tap.

374 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

See for you people that bag on UFC. Out of all the monkey business and drama that goes on in sports the UFC doesn't tolerate bulls**t. Fired the guy 30 min after he screwed up. I hope that guy serves as an example for others.

374 days ago

MMA wife    

What an *******! There was no need to hold that long. I am glad he wont be going to bellator! They have class. Check out this classy fighter! He will be fighting next week in Bellator!! http://youtu.be/XqIpbthUgVk

374 days ago



374 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Dudes missing some brain cells. Guess he likes to inflict pain on his opponents, and even break their knee or legs

374 days ago


I have been following the UFC for years and trained MMA myself. I know there are several times where fighters are 'in the moment' and in 'fight mode' so its hard to just back off in an instant. I don't think it was excessive and I don't think he should have been fired, maybe just warned to be more vigilant.

374 days ago

My 2 Cents    

I've trained in BJJ under Carlos Machado, and he told me that any smart man knows that as soon as its locked in, the tap is soon to come. Being a black belt, Rousimar Palhares, should've already known that. Plus its strike two and you're out in this sport.

374 days ago


Guy plays dumb about these leg locks hurting people but has been doing this for many years and is a black belt. Good riddance. Same guy that jumped on the top of the ring thinking the ref had called the fight but he hadn't. Moran.

374 days ago


He's a cold blooded ANIMAL!!!
Stay in Brazil !!! Monster!
He will cost someone his carrer

374 days ago


he held on for about 2 seconds tops after it was broken up. people commenting have probably never been in an organized fight before. your adrenaline is running and your in survival mode. this is not that big of a deal. he let go a tad bit late but it was not what i was expecting when i read the headlines. geez tmz. a better example of a good reason to kick someone out of the ufc would be when paul dailey sucker punched josh koscheck after the end of their fight. dailey now fights for strike force. this brazilian fighter is incredible , he ran right through mikek pierce. people wanna see him fight.

374 days ago


2nd time? no this is like his 4th time at least in MMA alone. Hes been banned from competing in BJJ tournaments because of at least 3 other incidents, dude just needs a mcdonalds application, probably too dumb for that too he needs to go on full disability for mental disorders

374 days ago


Here's how I see it. Yes Rousimar Palhares held the heel hook a bit too long. Yes it is a very dangerous move and he should know better. Yes he should have been evaluated to find out why this keeps happening both in BJJ tournaments and mixed martial arts bouts. But in saying that I would just like to say that I DO NOT agree with the UFC's decision to cut Rousimar Palhares. It is my personal opinion that this man for some odd reason has a delayed reaction when it comes to releasing submissions. He should be punished but NOT BANNED FOR LIFE FROM THE UFC. How ridiculous. Mike Pierce was not even hurt after the fight. He did not hold the submission for as long as people are claiming. If Rousimar Palhares was a savage beast that just wanted to go around hurting people he would not be in mixed martial arts organizations he would simply be brawling on the street against thugs and gangsters. For example if this guy is a sociopathic maniac like some people are claiming than why did he let go at all? Why would he ever let go when he locks a submission in place. If he was truly psychotic he would not comprehend that he should stop in the moment. Those who have an understanding of psychology know that during a psychotic episode the individual lacks the awareness and understanding that their behavior is barbaric, ruthless or disturbing and therefore they do not feel the need to discontinue these behaviors which usually leads to some sort of chemical/physical restraint such as psychotropic medication for behavior modification. My personal opinion after watching all of Rousimar Palhares fights is that he has some sort of a cognitive delay. When I use the term cognitive delay I mean that the time that it takes the neurons to send the impulses to Palhares brain which compel him to respond are significantly slower than that of a so called normal or average individual. Therefore it appears that he is this big destructive jerk that just wants to hurt people for no reason when in fact he is probably totally unaware that he even has any sort of a cognitive delay and possibly thinks that people are being melodramatic. We have to keep in mind that Rousimar Palhares let go. Everytime he has had someone in a submission he has let go. Albeit delayed and he has hurt some people pretty badly but he has always let go. That is not the mark of a barbaric ruthless individual and I believe that before people judge him they should consider all the facts and possibilities and not just rely on sheer emotion. This man trains with Murilo Bustamante who is a very respectable black belt in BJJ and his team stands by his side and says he's a great guy that doesn't want to hurt anybody. Why would respectable BJJ black belts stand by a guy who many individuals have written off to be a dirt bag ruthless s*** bag. Once again Consider all the facts before just blindly agreeing with the UFC.

373 days ago



373 days ago

sean n.    

hes a dick for constantly holding longer, but you must admit hes pretty exciting to watch

373 days ago


Bellator is a joke, would have been a perfect organization for this goon to fight in.

373 days ago
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